Fort Lauderdale Business Interruption Commercial Claims If your business suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, our lawyers in Fort Lauderdale can pursue what you need now.

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Legal Options for Businesses Affected by COVID-19

Authorities in Miami-Dade County have shut down all non-essential businesses and restricted the way others operate. Florida’s Governor has recommended that Broward and Palm, Beach counties do the same under their civil authority.

Businesses effected by the corona virus may qualify to file property claims to recover losses. Examples of covered losses may include:

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We Can Handle Your Property Claims From Corona Virus

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Identify All Your Covered Losses

Let us evaluate your case to ensure you file claims for all your covered losses. Do not lose out on compensation because you failed to identify every one of your covered losses. Our team can review your policy and your losses to make sure you exercise all your rights.

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Deal With Insurance Companies for You

Do not agree to give the insurance company a statement or sign anything without speaking with us first. Insurers may try to devalue or minimize your claim or deny it outright.

Our team can help you file and manage your claims, respond to insurer requests, gather supporting evidence of your losses, and ensure you comply with all rules and regulations governing your property claims.

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Fight for All the Compensation You Deserve for Your Property Claims

If the insurer offers you a settlement, call us right away at 1-800-747-3733. Do not sign anything or verbally agree to an offer without speaking with a property claims lawyer first.

Let us negotiate with the insurer until we reach a fair settlement that adequately covers all your losses – property damage, inventory loss, business interruption, lost business income, and more.

Call Now If Your Business Was Affected by COVID-19

You deserve compensation for all of your covered losses if your business is one of those affected by the corona virus and the government shut down of businesses.

We can help. Let us help you file your claims, manage the property claims process, negotiate with insurers for you, and fight for the compensation you need and deserve to make repairs, recover lost business income, and compensate for any interruption to your business.

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