Fort Lauderdale Uninsured Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Regardless of FLs “no-fault” insurance laws, you have options after a motorcycle accident in Fort Lauderdale.

After being injured in a motorcycle accident, you generally turn to the at-fault motorist’s insurance coverage once you have exhausted the benefits of your policy agreement. However, upon finding out that the negligent motorist was uninsured, you may be worrying about your legal options.

Although Florida Statute §627.7407 deems Florida a “no-fault” state, you still have the ability to pursue compensation through an insurance settlement or lawsuit. A Fort Lauderdale uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer can investigate your claim and determine a course of action that promotes your case’s success.

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Reviewing Your Motorcycle Insurance

According to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation, anyone who operates a car is required to carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. This grants an avenue of pursuing compensation for those involved. However, motorcyclists are not required to have this type of coverage. Yet, if you have uninsured motorist protection insurance, you may be able to use this avenue of seeking financial recovery.

Your Fort Lauderdale uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer can review the details of your policy agreement and determine if this type of coverage could benefit your situation. Your legal team can analyze your options for financial recovery, and from there, establish a course of action for collecting compensation.

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What Your Legal Team Can Do For You

If the total amount of your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages exceed your coverage limits, you may have the option of filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

Our law firm can investigate your accident and review any assets that the at-fault party may have. We can engage with the other party on your behalf to negotiate for a fair settlement.

We can also provide the following legal services:

  • Establish liability for the collision
  • Obtain evidence, review the accident report, and interview witnesses
  • Negotiate a settlement out of court to avoid litigation
  • Provide legal advice and guidance throughout your case

Florida Statute §95.11 grants you four years from the date of your accident to take your case to court. For that reason, you may want to contract the assistance of a Fort Lauderdale uninsured motorcycle accident lawyer sooner rather than later.

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