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dislocation A prosthetic hip joint can dislocate if a recipient moves improperly after the procedure, but sometimes dislocation is a symptom of the device’s failure. At Anidjar & Levine, we represent Florida residents who were hurt by defective hip replacements. Our experienced product liability attorneys offer capable and tenacious representation in mass tort litigation. If you suffered an injury from a failed hip replacement, we can help.

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Hip Replacement Defects and Dislocation

Hip replacement surgery entails removing a damaged or injured ball-and-socket joint and replacing it with a prosthetic joint. The goal is to restore mobility and reduce pain, but these devices have risks. Improper or sudden movements after surgery can cause the prosthetic ball to dislocate from the socket. In some instances, this may occur because the device itself is defective. The artificial socket, for example, may be too shallow to accommodate the ball, which can cause it to dislodge.

Individuals with hip replacements can look out for signs that a device has dislocated. These may include popping or snapping sounds at the site of the device, difficulty placing pressure on the leg, an impression that the leg is twisted or shorter than the other leg, or pain in the hip, buttock, or thigh.

A number of individuals have experienced implant dislocation because of defective hip replacements. Stryker and DePuy, for example, recalled certain metal-on-metal devices after a growing number of patients experienced this harm. Dislocations often require surgery to replace the entire system.

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Assert Your Rights by Taking Legal Action

A hip replacement manufacturer can be held liable for injuries that result from defects in its devices. Product liability is the area of law that governs these companies. To sustain a claim against a manufacturer, a victim must show that the product is defective and that its flaw caused the injury.

Problems with devices are categorized as manufacturing, design, or marketing defects. A manufacturing defect typically affects a limited number, or a batch, of a particular item. A design defect is a flaw that occurs in the design of a product, which affects the entire line. Marketing defects occur when a device lacks adequate instructions or warnings.

The kind of defect may affect the type of product liability case that you try to bring. For example, a manufacturer may be liable under a breach of warranty claim if a flaw in its device makes it unreasonably unfit for its intended use. A company may be strictly liable for injuries resulting from a product if the danger posed by the product’s design outweighs its benefits.

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Mass Torts and Faulty Hip Replacements

Thousands of individuals undergo hip replacements each year. A single model can injure many recipients. When one product harms numerous users, a mass tort lawsuit may potentially be filed. This is when individuals hurt by the same defective device combine their claims and pursue the manufacturer as a group to seek damages for their injuries. Mass torts generally raise parallel legal issues against the same defendant and have similar facts. As a result, each victim can take advantage of the collective resources, evidence, and expert testimony used in this type of lawsuit.

Defective hip replacements may require additional surgeries, rehabilitation, and possibly other medical treatment, depending on the extent of the harm. Possible compensatory damages for these faulty devices include medical costs for replacements and any necessary rehabilitative care, lost wages from missed work, and pain and suffering. The time limit to file a claim is four years in Florida. Speaking with an experienced injury attorney can help you secure your rights before the time expires.

Legal Guidance for Those Injured by Defective Products

Anidjar & Levine offers capable representation in hip replacement mass tort litigation. Having pursued numerous successful claims against manufacturers, our defective product lawyers can help you assert a claim for damages if you were harmed by a faulty device in Fort Lauderdale or surrounding cities. We offer comprehensive counseling and advocacy to victims throughout Miami-Dade County. If your hip replacement device failed, call us today at 800-747-3733 for an initial consultation at no cost. You can also contact us via our online form.