Examination Under Oath

An examination under oath (EUO) is a proceeding where the insured is asked questions by the insurance company’s representative, usually an attorney, in the presence of a certified court reporter under oath.

Insurance companies often require EUOs; usually the insurance policy itself states that the insurer can demand an EUO and also records and documents relating to the claim. EUOs are very involved and do not just involve a few questions; like a deposition, they can take 6-8 hours and involve questioning by an attorney. It is important to know that an insured’s answers during the EUO can discredit his or her claim and give the insurance company a reason to deny or lower the value of the claim. Therefore, it is advantageous for the insured to have an attorney representing his or her interests at the EUO. An experienced attorney can give advice during questioning, help the insured answer questions and protect the insured from unnecessary or unreasonable questions.

Also, it is in the insured’s best interest to have an attorney who can ensure that the insurance company is not engaging in any abusive practices such as: scheduling EUOs at inconvenient locations or times, requesting documents that they are not entitled to, or asking for documents that are burdensome to produce.

If you are a public adjuster in Florida and require legal assistance with a client’s examination under oath, the law firm of Anidjar & Levine, P.A. can help. Having the advice of an experienced attorney can make all the difference for your client during an EUO. Our attorneys understand Florida insurance law and are familiar with the strategies insurance companies use to deny or limit valid claims. Our firm has years of experience in successfully handling insurance cases for clients all over Florida. We bring to each case our extensive legal experience and a commitment to give each client the best in professional, effective legal representation.

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