Florida Construction Accident Lawyer If you suffered injuries on a construction site in Florida, an accident lawyer from our firm can seek compensation.

Did you recently suffer injuries in a Florida construction accident? While you are most likely entitled to workers’ compensation benefits, you could also qualify to file a third-party claim to recover additional damages.

A Florida construction accident lawyer with our firm can help. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine offers legal services for workers who have suffered injuries while on construction sites. You can begin your free case review at your earliest convenience.

We Don’t Require Upfront Payments or Retainers

Not only do we provide prospective claimants with free case reviews, but we also manage our cases on a contingency-fee basis. We know you likely cannot handle any further expenses at this time. So, you don’t pay a penny of our attorney’s fees unless we win your case. Our payment comes from your claim or award’s proceeds.

A Construction Accident Lawyer with Our Firm Can Manage Your Case in Florida

Whether you qualify to file an injury claim, lawsuit, workers’ compensation claim, or all three, we can help. Without legal aid, you are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Investigating your accident
  • Identifying the liable parties
  • Determining what type of action suits you
  • Researching which laws apply in your situation
  • Gathering evidence
  • Using that evidence to build a case
  • Managing all communications with the insurer (without accidentally saying something to jeopardize your case)
  • Negotiating with the insurer to recover the settlement you deserve
  • Filing a lawsuit in court if the insurer refuses to offer you a fair settlement

Our team can handle every legal step from start to finish and allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries.

Your Case is Subject to Certain Deadlines

Here are some deadlines that could apply to your claim or lawsuit: 

  • Per Florida Statutes § 95.11(4)(d), you typically have two years to file your injury lawsuit. 

We can manage your case’s deadlines and build your case in accordance with the state’s guidelines.

We Can File Your Florida Workers’ Compensation Claim

All construction companies in Florida with at least one employee must have workers’ compensation insurance. Rest assured that even if your employer violated the law and does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, you still have legal recourse.

We Can Determine What You are Owed

If you suffered an injury or illness on the job, you likely qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • All medically necessary expenses
  • Two-thirds of your average weekly wage
  • Disability benefits
  • Death benefits, if you lost a loved one

We Can Protect You Against Any Delays or Disputes

Many workers’ compensation claims are straightforward. However, to save money, insurance companies are known to deny perfectly valid claims. In your case, even if you are rightfully owed damages, the insurer could argue:

  • Your injury resulted from horseplay.
  • Your injury occurred because you were intoxicated.
  • You purposefully injured yourself.
  • Your injury occurred while you were engaging in illegal activity.
  • Your injury did not occur at work.

A workers’ compensation lawyer from our firm can navigate the process of recovering workers’ compensation benefits and appeal a denial, if necessary. We can also use your case’s evidence, like your medical records and the accident report, to support your case.

Workers’ Compensation Comes with Some Drawbacks

While workers’ compensation can be a lifesaver for injured workers and their families, it has a couple of drawbacks:

  • It does not cover all of the damages you suffer due to a work injury.
  • Workers’ compensation laws prohibit you from suing your employer, even if your employer is 100 percent responsible for your injury.

However, if a third party caused or contributed to your accident, you could file a claim against that party to recover damages beyond what workers’’ compensation typically covers.

Could You File a Third-Party Claim or Lawsuit?

If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you could have a valid injury claim or lawsuit: 

  • Did another party owe you a duty of care, meaning they had an obligation to keep you safe? 
  • Did another party fail to keep you safe, either by failing to maintain a property or acting with caution? 
  • Did you suffer injuries or an illness?
  • Did your condition cause financial, physical, and emotional losses? 

If you’re unsure about whether these factors apply to your situation, a representative from our team can assess your situation.

You Could Hold These Parties Accountable for Your Losses 

With our help, we can determine whether any of the following parties contributed to your injuries: 

  • Another contractor onsite: While you cannot sue your employer, if another party onsite caused the accident to occur, you can file against that party or their insurer.
  • A manufacturer: If you suffered injuries due to a defective product (e.g., a defective power tool or defective scaffolding), you could seek compensation from the manufacturer.
  • The building’s designer or engineer: If a designer or engineer acted negligently and caused your injury to occur, you could hold them accountable for your losses.
  • The property owner: If the property owner knew or should have known of a hazard (and failed to remedy it or warn you of it), and you were hurt as a result, you can file a premises liability claim against the owner.

You Could Seek These Damages

The civil justice system allows you to seek more than your medical bills and partial lost income. You could also seek: 

  • The full cost of your lost income 
  • Loss of future earning capacity  
  • Various out-of-pocket expenses, like rideshare costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 

If you lost a loved one, compensation in your case could account for your loved one’s funeral, medical bills, and lost income.

Get Legal Help for Your Construction Accident in Florida

If you recently suffered injuries in a construction accident, our Florida lawyers can determine which legal avenue suits your needs. You could file a workers’ compensation claim or hold a third party accountable for any losses.

To begin your free case review, connect with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine now by calling 1-800-747-3733.