If your vehicle sustains damage in a collision because of someone else’s negligence, his or her insurance company will pay for your car repairs. What they may not readily volunteer to do is compensate you for this loss of value.

Florida law allows you to collect a settlement from the at-fault party’s insurance company for diminished value, even if you sustained no injuries in the crash. The challenge to getting fair financial compensation for your car’s decreased value (also called diminution) is providing appropriate documentation. That is where a diminished value claims lawyer in can help.

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Why You Should File a Diminished Value Car Accident Claim

At some point, you may want to sell your vehicle or trade it in on a new car. But car buyers fear accident-damaged cars, particularly those that had to be towed after the crash, a fact that vehicle history reports highlight. When the day comes to sell or trade, you may receive less for your car because of the prior damage and repair.

Someone else’s negligent driving caused your car’s damage, so why should you have to eat this lost value?

Filing a diminished value car insurance claim will hold the responsible party liable for your economic harm. It is important to note that the Florida statutes do not require your car insurance company to compensate you for diminished value. However, the statutes do permit you to collect for this loss from the liable party’s insurance carrier.

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How a Lawyer Can Help You Prove the Diminished Value of Your Vehicle

Although the Florida statutes do permit you to collect a diminished value settlement from the at-fault driver, the law requires that you prove the amount of your loss. Showing the exact amount of loss can pose a significant challenge, especially if you have no idea how to document your economic damages.

A diminished value property damage car accident claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL understands these challenges and has the network of resources necessary to substantiate your demand.

We May Enlist Help From Experts

To demonstrate the difference in value between your post-accident vehicle and the same vehicle had you not been in a crash sustain crash damage, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may call on vehicle appraisers and other industry experts. Such experts can speak to the value of the vehicle based on several important factors.

We Will Deal With Insurance Companies Who Deny Liability

It is important to note that car insurance companies routinely attempt to dispute or deny diminished value claims. They may try to tell you that the at-fault party’s policy did not cover diminished value or that your car already had an accident in its history, barring you from collecting on your claim.

Florida law does not allow the insurance company to make excuses or deny your claim, as long as you prove your actual damages.

When our legal team prepares and submits your claim, we will deal with the insurance adjuster to ensure they do not attempt to pressure you into accepting an unacceptable settlement offer.

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How We Calculate the Diminished Value of Your Car Accident Claim

Because no two vehicles are identical, and because values can shift significantly, our legal team must consider some factors in determining the value of your diminished value car accident claim.

The difference between your car’s value the day before the accident and after the completed repairs will form the basis of your claim. Some factors affecting value include:

  • Age. Vehicle age may decrease value unless you have a classic car.
  • Mileage. High mileage vehicles may have lower value than newer vehicles with little mileage.
  • Prior accidents. A previous accident on your car’s history could decrease value too.
  • Geographic location. Your vehicle’s location affects vehicle value, as a car sold in Fort Lauderdale will have a different vale than the same vehicle in New York or Seattle might.

Historic vehicles, customized cars, and luxury vehicles pose further challenges to calculating diminished value. Classic cars and luxury vehicles, for example, tend to hold a higher value over time.

Our car accident lawyers have the systems in place to accurately determine your diminished value and to document it appropriately.

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