Fort Lauderdale Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer If you sustained injuries in a Fort Lauderdale swimming pool, we can help.

Due to the mild temperatures in Fort Lauderdale, swimming pools are an attractive option for exercise, fun, or just relaxing. Unfortunately, they can also result in a wide range of injuries caused by drowning, slip and fall accidents, and diving accidents.

If you or a loved one was injured in or near a swimming pool, you may be able to pursue damages from the at-fault party. You should not have to suffer because of someone else’s negligence. If you sustained injuries in a Fort Lauderdale swimming pool, we can help.

Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today for a free evaluation of your swimming pool accident case. Our perosnal injury team can help you better understand your legal rights.

How a Fort Lauderdale Swimming Pool Accident Attorney can Help

If you sustained injuries in a swimming pool accident, you do not have to face the legal process on your own. Our legal team is here to help you through every step of the process by:

  • Offering a free consultation: In our first meeting, we will review your case and explain your legal options.
  • Gathering evidence: If we take your case, we will begin to gather evidence, including medical bills, eyewitness statements, incident reports, security footage, and other evidence to establish liability or prove damages.
  • Filing your claim: Once we build your case, our next step is to work with the liable party’s insurance company. We will present our case and claim for damages.
  • Negotiating a settlement: In most cases, the insurance company will be willing to negotiate the amount of damages. We work as an intermediary, negotiating on your behalf to recover the damages you deserve.
  • Taking your case to court: If we are unable to settle a claim in negotiations, we will take your case to court. We will present the evidence and fight for your rights.

We understand how overwhelming a legal case can be, mainly when you are dealing with medical issues resulting from the accident. Let us take on your legal burdens so you can focus on healing.

Types of Swimming Pool Accidents Our Team Takes On

When most people consider swimming pool accidents, they think of drowning accidents. However, there is a multitude of ways injuries can occur in or near a swimming pool. Our team handles all types of swimming pool accidents, including the following:

  • Drownings
  • Diving accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Injuries caused by faulty parts, including filters or vacuums
  • Near drownings
  • Infections
  • Electrocution
  • Chemical burns from pool chemicals

Swimming pool accidents can often lead to serious injuries, including neck and back injuries, broken bones, burns, and even wrongful death.

Liability in a Fort Lauderdale Swimming Pool Accident

Property owners are responsible for maintaining a safe area for people of all ages to swim. This includes making a reasonable effort to keep the swimming pool in good repair and restrict access to the pool. In general, these types of cases fall under Florida’s premises liability laws.

For example, if a pool owner knew a diving board was broken and did not restrict access to the diving board or warn visitors, they could be held liable if someone was hurt using it.

In addition to the pool owner, other parties who may be held liable could include:

  • The manufacturer of a pool part, such as the stairs or pool filter
  • A pool maintenance company, if they added too many or too few chemicals or knowingly created an unsafe swimming environment
  • A third-party guest, if they acted recklessly

To better understand who may be liable for your injuries, speak with a Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accident attorney. We can examine the details of your case and guide you through the legal process.

Understanding the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act in Florida

Florida also outlines specific rules in the Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act, which requires private pool owners to install safety features to protect children from accessing these areas.

These safety features include:

  • A fence with no direct access from the home
  • An approved pool safety cover
  • Exit alarm on doors and windows
  • Installing self-closing, self-latching device on all entries with high latches

If a residential pool owner fails to meet these legal requirements, they may be held legally liable for injuries that result.

Statute of Limitations in Swimming Pool Accidents

Florida’s statute of limitations places limits on the amount of time accident victims have to pursue damages in actions founded on negligence. Based on Florida Statutes §95.11(3)(a), accident victims typically have four years from the date of the accident to file a case in court. After four years, you may be unable to hold the liable party responsible for their action or recklessness.

It is ideal to seek legal help immediately after your accident so that a lawyer can get started on your case right away. You do not want to wait even a year after the accident to take legal action because it is best to have fresh evidence and get in touch with witnesses, if there were any, and obtain their statements. A lawyer with our firm will need ample time to build a compelling case. We want to attain the best possible outcome for you.

If you lost a family member to a swimming pool accident, you have even less time to file a wrongful death lawsuit. According to Florida Statutes §95.11(4)(d), a family generally has two years to file. You may be able to receive compensation for funeral and burial expenses, loss of companionship/guidance, loss of financial support, and more. Do not wait to get invaluable legal assistance.

We Work on Contingency

We understand this is a stressful and painful time, and the last thing you need is to worry about whether you can afford to hire a lawyer. Our lawyers work on contingency, which means our clients never pay us anything upfront and out of pocket. If we win a settlement or verdict, our attorney’s fees come from your financial award. We handle your entire case for you without draining your wallet.

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After a swimming pool accident, you may be facing medical bills and difficult decisions. You are likely worried about what the future will bring, and taking on a legal battle may feel overwhelming. You do not have to face this difficult situation alone. Our compassionate legal team is here to guide you through the process.

We will answer any questions you may have, advise you on your next legal steps, and handle any negotiations or court appearances on your behalf. Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today for a free case review. A Fort Lauderdale swimming pool accident attorney is standing by to offer support and legal guidance.

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