In an insurance claim, if the insurance company and insured have employed adjusters but still cannot agree on the value of the claim, they may elect to use the appraisal process. Most insurance contracts contain provisions allowing either party to make a written demand for appraisal. During appraisal, each party selects an independent appraiser and both parties must select a neutral umpire to help negotiate and come to a final decision. If the parties are unable to agree upon an umpire, a circuit court judge can select an umpire for them.

The appraisal process is a type of informal, alternative dispute resolution with some similarities to mediation. However, unlike mediation where the mediator does not make the final decision, the umpire has the authority to make a binding final decision if there is a majority agreement (of the umpire and one of the two appraisers). If the insured or insurance company disagrees with the umpire’s decision, under certain limited circumstances a party can challenge the decision and seek reconsideration in court.

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