In Florida, roofing damage is often caused by environmental factors such as wind, storms, hurricanes and hail. However, there are situations where insurance companies will refuse to adequately cover the amount of loss. Insurance companies will sometimes argue that the roof damage was partly or completely caused by ordinary wear and tear, a construction defect, or lack of maintenance, and therefore claim that the full amount of the loss is not covered.

At times, the insurance company may try to repair only a section of the roof, when by law the insurer may be required to replace the entire roof. Under the Florida Building Code, your insurance company is obligated to replace the entire roof if 25% of your roof needs replacement. Even if less than 25% of the roof needs replacement, according to Florida insurance law the insurance company must replace the whole roof if the repaired area will not match the rest of the roof.

If you are involved an insurance claim dispute regarding roofing damage, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, P.A. can help. It is crucial to have the advice and experience of an attorney in order to prove the true cause of the roofing damage and get you the maximum compensation possible. We employ a full legal team of attorneys, investigators and legal support exports who are dedicated to thoroughly investigating the facts of each case and getting you the recovery you deserve. Our initial consultation is always free and no-obligation, and we don’t charge you any fees unless you are compensated (and in some cases, the insurance company is required to pay for your legal fees if you are successful in the suit).

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