Lesión CerebralBrain injuries can be emotionally and financially devastating. Spouses, parents, and children have to juggle their new roles as caregivers, while victims have to learn to live with disabilities and even altered personalities. Meanwhile, medical bills accumulate, both the victim and often their spouse miss work, and the family struggles to pay household bills.

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What are the common causes of Fort Lauderdale brain injuries?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 2.8 million people visited emergency departments, received in-patient care, or died due to traumatic brain injuries in 2013.That included:

  • 2.5 million emergency room visits;
  • 282,000 hospitalizations; and
  • 56,000 fatalities.

Brain injuries are a factor in about 30% of all injury-related deaths. In years past, car accidents were the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries that required hospitalization. Fall-related brain injuries, however, topped the CDC’s list of common causes in 2013.

Brain injuries can also occur in a number of other ways. These include:

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How do brain injuries affect Fort Lauderdale families?

Traumatic brain injuries vary widely based on the severity and the location of the injury. Depending on the type of impact to the brain, they can be mild, moderate, or severe. Some people suffer only a few days or weeks of headaches, dizziness, and other minor symptoms. Others, however, experience confusion, memory loss, vomiting or nausea, seizures, and slurred speech. And those are just the early symptoms associated with a serious brain injury.

Lasting effects of a traumatic brain injury can be pervasive. They often include changes in physical and cognitive abilities, sensory reactions, and behavioral and emotional mannerisms. Especially in moderate and severe brain injuries, the victim’s ability to return to work, care for themselves, and live independently may be in doubt. The stress of the injury, paired with changes in personality, can also cause relationship problems.

Some people with traumatic brain injuries require months of inpatient care after their accident and regular ongoing care for the rest of their lives. The costs of treatment and rehabilitation for moderate and severe brain injuries can quickly grow into seemingly insurmountable debt. Some brain injury victims suffer from permanent disabilities and never return to work.

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How can I get compensation for a brain injury?

If you or someone you know suffered a brain injury as a result of another party’s unreasonable actions, compensation may be available. A skilled, tenacious, and attentive brain injury attorney can help you to obtain the maximum amount available to you under the law.

In many brain injury cases, we can help you negotiate a settlement for your medical bills and other related expenses without having to go to court.

If the insurance company denies your claim or refuses to offer a fair settlement, we can discuss taking further legal action to recover the compensation you need. Filing a lawsuit in civil court often provides the encouragement necessary to get an insurance company to negotiate.  

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What role does negligence play in brain injury cases?

Most brain injury cases hinge on negligence. Before we can file an insurance claim or civil suit, we need to collect the evidence to show the at-fault party acted negligently. This requires proving:

  • They owed a certain duty to protect you from danger;
  • They failed to uphold this duty;
  • You suffered a brain injury; and
  • This caused you physical, emotional, or financial damages

For example, imagine your brain injury occurred in a car accident. Other drivers have a duty to follow traffic laws and to act in a reasonable manner. If another driver runs a red light and smashes into the side of your vehicle, they are responsible for any injuries you suffer, including your traumatic brain injury.

Do I need a lawyer to help me file a brain injury claim in Fort Lauderdale?

While monetary compensation alone can never adequately repair the losses caused by a brain injury, money can help you get the medical care you need. Often, this includes rehabilitation and specialized therapies to recover as many skills as possible. Compensation can cover household bills and make up for lost wages while you are out of work. It can even allow you to get the resources you need if your loved one experienced personality changes or other emotional effects after a brain injury.

Your brain injury attorney should manage the claims process from beginning to end. We will analyze your case and determine the full value of your claim. We collect the police report, eyewitness statements, and other evidence in your case and use it to prove negligence. We can attempt to negotiate a settlement from the liable party or parties and we will fight for the maximum payout available in your case.

How can I reach a Fort Lauderdale brain injury attorney?

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