Fort Lauderdale Hurricane Property Claim Lawyer If you’re having issues filing a hurricane property claim in Fort Lauderdale, our lawyers can help.

Every year, hurricanes in Florida can lead to terrible and expensive damage to people’s homes and property. However, even if you have a valid insurance policy, we cannot promise that the insurance company will approve your claim and award you adequate compensation. As such, insurance companies sometimes delay or undervalue claims to save themselves money.

A Fort Lauderdale hurricane property claim lawyer with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine helps homeowners file such claims with their insurance companies. Our attorneys can fight back when insurance companies undervalue your claim, so you get the money you need and deserve.

You Have Options Under Florida’s Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights

Don’t be confused by the title; the Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights applies to anyone who has property in the state. If an insurance company violates any of the following, it could face fines and other civil penalties:

  • The insurance company has a 14-day window to acknowledge the initial submission of your claim.
  • Within 30 days of sending them a written request, the insurance company needs to notify you of its decision to fulfill your claim.
  • The insurance company must make a decision about your claim within 90 days.

You also have the right to partake in mediation, which is a meeting facilitated by a neutral third party where you discuss your claim with the insurance company’s representative.

You Can Work with Our Hurricane Property Claim Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale

If you have insurance to cover your losses following a hurricane, then the insurance company is obligated to hold up its end of the bargain. However, contrary to how they market themselves, insurance companies are multi-million-dollar for-profit businesses. They make money by selling policies – not fulfilling claims.

Our lawyers can help you by:

  • Assessing the cost of your damages
  • Reading over the liable policy
  • Determining what policy applies to your situation
  • Managing all communications with the insurer
  • Keeping your claim on track
  • Protecting you against unfair tactics

Best of all, our team works on a contingency-fee basis. Our payment comes from your insurance settlement. You don’t pay us anything if we can’t get the insurer to make an offer.

What does Your Insurance Policy Cover?

Florida does not require you to carry hurricane insurance, although doing so is a smart idea. Your insurance settlement will vary depending on what type of coverage you got. Per Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, hurricane coverage in your case could account for:

  • Harm to your home’s interior or exterior
  • Harm to your vehicle
  • Reimbursement for hotel and food costs if your home is unlivable
  • Removal of wreckage and debris around your home
  • Replacement of damaged personal possessions

Hurricane insurance is not the same as flood insurance. This distinction is where matters can get tricky, since flooding can happen during hurricanes. Our lawyers can evaluate your situation and identify your covered losses.

When Should You Get Started on Your Claim?

The deadline for filing your insurance claim really depends on your insurer. However, for the most part, insurance companies want to know about a situation as soon as it happens. If you miss the deadline for filing your claim, you risk a denial. Our firm can identify the liable policy, gather supporting evidence, and notify the insurer of your claim.

Beware of These Tactics

Insurance companies are pros at saving themselves money. You won’t believe the lengths these organizations go to deny claimants money. While you consider legal aid or have one of our lawyers handle your case, here are some “red flags” that could harm your case:

The Insurance Company Gives You Contradicting Information

One day, the insurance company might say that your settlement check is in the mail. The next day, however, they might go back on its word. If something doesn’t add up or you feel like you’re getting conflicting information, that is not a good sign. It is a sign that working with a lawyer from our firm could benefit your situation.

The Insurance Company Asks You to Give a Recorded Statement

You might think that giving a recorded statement allows you to share your version of events. It doesn’t. Instead, it gives the insurer the chance to deny your claim. They may ask you questions that somehow make you responsible for what happened.

For instance, they imply that your home’s damage existed before the hurricane or that you did not take adequate measures to protect your home from damage. Don’t give a recorded statement. Instead, tell the insurer to talk to your hurricane claims lawyer.

You Get “Friend Requests” from People You Don’t Know

It costs nothing to make a social media profile. If the insurance representative is in a tough spot, they might make a fake profile and “friend” you to get access to your posts. While we handle your claim, you should avoid:

  • Posting pictures of your home to social media
  • Making posts about your home’s damage or situation
  • Tagging the insurance company in any posts
  • Accepting requests from people you don’t know or “friends of friends”

Your claim has one goal: to recover compensation for your covered losses. Even an old picture of yourself at home could be used to question the harm to your property.

The Insurance Company Frequently Changes Representatives

It’s not unusual for insurance representatives to change jobs or get transferred to different departments. However, if you find that a different representative is handling your case each time you call, it could be a tactic to stall the claims process. The insurance company hopes that by making these switches, you’ll get discouraged and drop the claim.

Don’t let this stop you from getting the money you deserve. Let our hurricane claims team in Fort Lauderdale handle all necessary communications for you.

Work with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine on Your Case

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