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product liability Hip replacements often fail if there were errors in how they were made. The skilled product liability attorneys at Anidjar & Levine have assisted countless residents of Fort Lauderdale and other South Florida cities who have been injured by defective medical devices. Our staff provides knowledgeable and aggressive representation in South Florida mass tort actions. We can assert your rights against a manufacturer if its flawed product harmed you.

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Manufacturing Defects in Hip Implants

Installing an artificial implant often restores mobility to someone with a damaged or injured hip joint. These replacements consist of a metal cup and a metal or ceramic ball that sits on a metal stem, which is implanted into the thighbone. A plastic, ceramic, or metal liner is placed between the artificial ball and socket to create a smooth gliding surface.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates medical devices, such as hip implants. Before this type of product reaches the market, it undergoes certain tests of its design and manufacture. When a hip replacement device is made, it must adhere to the specifications of its approved design.

Some types of implants, however, have come under scrutiny after manufacturers received several consumer complaints of failure. The FDA, for example, issued a warning letter to Stryker Orthopaedics about the company’s unresponsiveness to problems at one of its plants. The company recalled certain implant models after it discovered that parts of them were improperly made at its facilities.

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Seek Compensation for Injuries Caused by a Faulty Hip Replacement

The failure of a medical device can sometimes be traced to flaws in the manufacturing process. A manufacturer can be held liable if a mistake in how its product was made caused an injury.

These errors fall into three categories: manufacturing, design, and marketing defects. A manufacturing flaw occurs during the assembly process. Unlike design defects, which typically affect all the items produced as planned, manufacturing defects only affect a limited amount of items because the mistake was a deviation from the intended design. They are usually traceable to a particular plant, and not to the overall blueprint.

A product liability lawsuit can hold manufacturers accountable for defects in their devices. These cases sometimes are based on a company’s negligence or breach of warranty, but victims of defective medical devices, such as a faulty hip implant, can pursue a strict liability claim for a manufacturing mistake. To seek compensation from the manufacturer, you would need to show that the product did not conform to its intended design, and that the product failed to perform as safely as its intended design would have performed.

The item must have been defective when it left the manufacturer’s control for the entity to be strictly liable. Evidence of a manufacturing error can include a letter from the FDA to the maker about problems at a particular plant. You also have to demonstrate causation, which is the link between the flawed product and your injury.

Errors made in one hip replacement manufacturing plant can cause failures in hundreds of recipients. When many individual actions share similar facts and legal issues, they may be consolidated into a mass tort lawsuit. Product liability cases sometimes use this process to facilitate discovery and other pre-trial proceedings.

You can seek to recover damages associated with your hip replacement failure. Some of the compensation that you might pursue includes reimbursement for the costs of revision surgery, physical therapy, and other medical costs related to your injury. You can also seek damages for pain and suffering and lost income from missing days at work.

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