Fort Lauderdale Taxi Cab Accident Lawyer If you suffered injuries in a Fort Lauderdale accident caused by a taxicab driver, we can help you file your claim for compensation.

If a taxicab driver caused your Florida car accident injuries, you are likely eligible to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit to recover the damages you suffered. This is true if the taxi driver hit your car or if you were a passenger in the taxi at the time of the crash.

A taxicab accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you understand your rights and file an accident claim. The way you proceed with this type of claim differs from a typical car accident claim, which is why it is important to consider legal representation.

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Damages Available in a Fort Lauderdale Taxicab Accident Case

After most car accidents, you may only be able to recover compensation from your no-fault insurance policy. This is true even if the other driver caused the accident. When the liable party is a taxicab driver, though, the rules are different.

You do not need to rely on your injury protection policy. Instead, we can help you file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against the driver and/or the cab company.

While damages differ depending on your losses and expenses, some of the most common types of damages in these accidents include:

  • Medical treatment costs
  • Other health care costs
  • Ongoing care and future care costs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • The repair or replacement of your vehicle
  • Related out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering

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How Long do You Have to File Your Taxicab Accident Case?

Every personal injury case in Florida is subjected to the state’s statute of limitations. Florida Statutes §95.11 says that you have four years to file your lawsuit beginning from the date of your accident. 

By filing your lawsuit on time:

  • The courts will not dismiss your case because the statute of limitations expired.
  • You could hold another party accountable for your damages.
  • You can protect your right to fair compensation.

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Understanding the Florida insurance Laws That Apply in a Taxicab Accident

The laws that apply to a taxicab accident claim in Florida are somewhat complex. A taxicab accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale, FL, can help you understand these laws. Identifying the liable party can be difficult.

There are a number of different ways taxi companies work in Florida. If the driver is an employee of a larger cab company, vicarious liability laws allow us to hold the driver and their employer responsible. If they operate independently, they should carry at least the state-mandated liability insurance, and we can hold them liable through this policy.  

Under Florida Statutes §627.733(1)(b), any for-hire vehicle, such as a cab or limo, must carry liability insurance that will pay out at least:

  • $125,000 per person for bodily injuries
  • $250,000 per accident for bodily injuries  
  • $50,000 for property damage costs

No matter if we file your claim against a large cab company or an independent driver, we should have access to this minimum amount of coverage to help you recover your accident-related losses. We can help you identify the liable party, and we will manage the entire claims process for you.

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How our team can build your case

We offer free case evaluations, and we can usually determine the validity of your case against a taxicab driver during this complimentary consultation. We can help you understand the strength of your case and your legal options. We may offer to handle your case based on contingency, meaning you owe us nothing until we win a settlement on your behalf.

We will Investigate Your Fort Lauderdale Taxicab Accident

We will explain every step of the process in a way that you understand, so you know what to expect. In most cases, this begins with a full investigation into the accident and your resulting damages.

As a part of this investigation, we may:

  • Survey and document the scene of the accident
  • Inspect all vehicles involved
  • Request copies of the police report and other documentation
  • Identify and collect any other available evidence
  • Interview witnesses
  • Call in an accident reconstruction team
  • Request copies of your medical records
  • Hire experts who can help us understand your prognosis and medical care needs
  • Collect your bills, receipts, and other proof of damages

We Can Establish Negligence and Liability

A key part of our investigation centers on proving the cab driver caused your accident and resulting injuries. All Florida car accident cases rely on our ability to prove a driver acted negligently. There are four elements we must prove to win your case. These elements include:

  1. The cab driver had an obligation to act a certain way, such as to stop at a red light.
  2. In this example, they failed to do so, running the red light.
  3. This failure led directly to the accident and your injuries.
  4. You suffered physical injuries as well as financial losses.

We Can File Your Personal Injury Claim

Once we build a case against the taxicab driver, we will send a demand letter to their insurance company and ask them to pay out the full value of your damages. If they do not agree to our terms, we can enter into settlement negotiations.

We Can File a Personal Injury Lawsuit, if Necessary

If the insurance company denies their policyholder’s liability, denies your claim for another reason, or refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. Settling this type of case without going to court is preferable, but sometimes, litigation is the only way to get the compensation you deserve.

What Should You do After Getting Hurt in a Taxicab Accident?

Your physical and emotional well-being are paramount after getting into a collision. Seek an evaluation from your medical provider to learn more about your condition. If you have developed anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after the accident, speak to a mental health counselor about your treatment options.

You should also:

  • Document your recovery period in a journal or Word document
  • Take photos of your injuries
  • Keep track of your out-of-pocket damages
  • Follow through with your treatment plan
  • Refrain from giving the insurer a recorded statement

You should also consider how a personal injury attorney from our team can fight for you.

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