Lehigh Acres Uninsured Accident lawyer A Lehigh Acres uninsured accident lawyer can help you pursue compensation for the losses you suffered because of an uninsured driver.

If you were involved in an accident with an uninsured driver, you are not alone. However, the process for seeking compensation from an uninsured driver is usually far different than an insured driver. 

A Lehigh Acres uninsured accident lawyer with the Law Offices of Anidjar and Levine can help you pursue the compensation you may deserve. Our team has tried numerous uninsured accident claims, and we understand the steps that must be followed to seek financial awards after an accident with an uninsured driver. We may be able to help you recover compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and other accident-related expenses. 

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We Deal with Uninsured Driver Claims From Start to Finish

When you hire a Lehigh Acres uninsured accident lawyer from our firm, you do not have to worry about:

  • Dealing with insurance companies
  • Drafting your insurance claim
  • Filing your claim
  • Monitoring the progress of your claim

You just worry about getting better. We can take care of everything else.

Reviewing Your Insurance Coverage

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation confirms that auto insurance in Florida is mandatory. However, Florida is one of 10 states that offer personal injury protection (no-fault) auto insurance, which provides injured drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage in lieu of establishing fault in court. Therefore, even with the lowest possible coverage limits, your insurer may cover up to $10,000 in injury-related losses.

The personal injury protection (PIP) provided by your policy may help cover:

  • Your accident-related medical costs
  • A portion of your lost wages
  • Other losses as specified by your individual policy

Your policy may also contain underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. Though this coverage is not mandatory in Florida, you may have elected to add it to your auto insurance policy.

A Lehigh Acres uninsured car accident lawyer from our firm can review your policy and any underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage that you may have. This uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage could help compensate you for:

  • Damage to your vehicle
  • Damage to personal property inside your vehicle
  • Medical expenses
  • Other accident-related losses

Our team reviews every client’s insurance policy carefully. After reviewing yours, we can provide a clear picture of the coverage that you may be able to collect.

Countering Bad Faith Tactics Used By Many Insurance Companies

Insurance companies generally look out for their own financial interests and may use numerous methods to convince you to accept less compensation than you may deserve. 

A Lehigh Acres uninsured car accident lawyer from our firm can deal with the insurance company through every step of your claim. This can help protect you from:

  • Deceptive language by insurance company representatives 
  • Unintentionally making statements that harm your chances for compensation
  • The temptation of a quick, lowball settlement
  • Any other possible threats to your legal rights

If the insurance company does not provide you with adequate compensation, a Lehigh Acres uninsured car accident lawyer from our firm can help you with any necessary legal actions, including settlement negotiations or a lawsuit.

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Potential Compensation After an Uninsured Car Accident

An uninsured driver or other parties may be liable for your losses. Once you reach your insurance policy’s coverage limits, your next option may be to file a lawsuit. 

A Lehigh Acres uninsured car accident lawyer can determine which losses should be covered and help you seek the compensation you may deserve. There are many types of financial compensation you may need to consider.

Your Past and Future Medical Expenses

You may incur considerable medical expenses after your accident with an uninsured driver, including:

  • Emergency medical attention
  • Doctor visits
  • Diagnostic imaging (X-rays, etc.)
  • Surgery for accident-related injuries
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), the average cost of a motor vehicle accident with non-disabling injuries is $28,500. An accident with disabling injuries skyrockets up to $98,400. Your medical expenses may be a large part of the total cost of your accident. 

To ensure that all of your medical expenses are accounted for, a Lehigh Acres uninsured car accident lawyer from our firm can combine your past medical costs with a projection for future medical costs when negotiating for compensation.

Career Consequences 

Being injured in a car accident can affect your career and professional life and cause significant financial harm. This may include:

  • Loss of income while you recover
  • Diminished earning power due to long-term symptoms of your injuries
  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of job because you can no longer perform your pre-accident duties

Your lawyer can pursue compensation that covers lost wages and other professional consequences like these. 

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering is a non-economic loss that insurance companies generally do not cover but which may be pursued with a lawsuit. Your pain and suffering may stem from physical pain, anxiety, depression, recurring trauma, and more. Loss of quality of life is also a factor in your pain and suffering.

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