Tampa Uninsured Car Accident Lawyer If an uninsured motorist caused your car accident, you are not without recourse.

Vehicle accidents involving uninsured motorists can get complicated. A settlement with the other driver’s insurance provider is not possible, and you may have no other course of action than to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. A Tampa uninsured car accident lawyer from our firm can help you handle claims with your own insurance company and assist you in taking legal action against the uninsured motorist who caused your injuries.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can take the stress and guesswork out of seeking financial awards by handling every step of your case. We can identify and pursue all liable parties and every avenue of compensation available to you. You worry about getting better. We take care of everything else.

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Your own insurance may cover a portion of your injuries

According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FHSMV), the state’s no-fault insurance law mandates all drivers carry a minimum of $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) insurance. Drivers also must show financial responsibility for accidents they cause by having liability insurance for bodily injuries and property damages.

If you suffered injuries in a car accident, your own PIP coverage may pay for 80 percent of your necessary medical coverage up to $10,000. Florida Statutes 627.736 stipulates that you must receive initial medical treatment within 14 days of your accident to be eligible for PIP benefits.

Normally, if another driver caused your accident, you would seek additional compensation for your injuries, property damages, and other related expenses with a claim against their liability insurance policy. However, this is obviously not an option if the driver is not insured.

You may have recourse through your own insurance provider if you purchased optional coverage against accidents caused by underinsured or uninsured drivers. Underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage may pay for your bodily injuries, bodily injuries caused to your covered passengers, and a portion of your and your passenger’s lost wages.

If you have injuries, the last thing you want to focus your energy on is dealing with insurance companies. You may not have time and energy to waste on phone calls, paperwork, and keeping track of deadlines. A Tampa uninsured car accident lawyer with the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can take care of the insurance companies for you.

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You could have an insurance claim against another liable party

Sometimes, there is more than one liable party involved in a car accident. Your lawyer can examine the circumstances of your crash and determine if there may be other parties from whom you may pursue damages. Other liable parties may include:

  • Another motorist: Car accidents can involve multiple drivers. If there were other motorists besides yourself and the uninsured driver involved in your crash, there could be more than one negligent driver that is responsible. The other responsible party or parties may have an insurance policy that you can file a claim with.
  • A car maker or auto parts manufacturer: Faulty brakes, blown tires, and engine defects can cause vehicle accidents. If a vehicle problem or faulty parts contributed to your crash, an attorney from our firm may be able to assist you with a claim against their manufacturer.
  • The owner of the roadway: City, state, and federal governments, as well as private entities, are responsible for roadways under their ownership. You could have a claim against one of these parties if poor road maintenance, bad road design, or another negligent road condition caused your accident.

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A Tampa uninsured car accident lawyer can help you with a civil lawsuit

If your only available option for seeking compensation is through a personal injury lawsuit, a Tampa uninsured car accident lawyer with our firm can help you file your case and represent you throughout the legal process. If a car accident caused your loved one’s death, you may have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit.

You do have limits regarding how long you have to take legal action. According to Florida Statutes 95.11, you can file a personal injury claim up to four years from the time your injuries occurred. You have two years from the time of your family member’s passing to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

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Financial awards you could win

Car accidents can leave those involved with severe injuries resulting in full or partial loss of mobility, chronic pain, cognitive and physical disabilities, and other permanent, life-altering conditions. The medical treatment required for your recovery may amount to tens of thousands of dollars.

Your attorney can help you seek reimbursement for your medical bills, as well as awards to pay for necessary future care. You could also receive compensation for:

  • Vehicle replacement or vehicle repairs
  • Lost wages
  • Lost or reduced future earning capacity
  • Reductions in your quality of life due to your accident and injuries
  • The mental toll of your accident, including depression, anxiety, and mental anguish
  • Awards on behalf of your loved one, including funeral and burial costs
  • Awards for the loss of your loved one’s financial and household contributions, companionship, and support

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