Lehigh Acres Property Claim Lawyer Do not let an insurance company convince you to accept an unfair settlement on your property loss claim.

Damage to your property can leave you with a significant feeling of frustration. Regardless of whether your loss occurred because of storm damage, an accident, or a malicious act of another person, it can be a devastating situation.

At that point, you expect your insurance company to protect you, helping you pay for the repairs and replacements you need to return to a normal life. Unfortunately, some insurance providers will not treat you fairly, denying parts of your claim or delaying payments.

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Performing Repairs After a Loss

Regardless of why you had to file a claim on your homeowner’s policy, you will be counting on the payment from the insurance company to help with repairs. Some of the items for which you can receive the payment of a claim include:

  • Repairs to the exterior envelope of a home
  • Repairs to the interior of a home
  • Repairs to other buildings on the property
  • Repairs to amenities on the property, such as a pool area
  • Replacement of any item damaged beyond repair
  • Compensation for out-of-pocket expenses you had during repairs
  • Reimbursement for a cleanup and removal of debris

If your insurance company is not using realistic estimates for the cost of these repairs in determining a settlement amount for your case, you have the right to present evidence to the contrary. Count on a property claim lawyer in Lehigh Acres, FL to know exactly how to protect your rights in a case like this.

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Hurricane Losses and Flood Coverage

Many homeowner’s policies issued in Florida provide hurricane loss coverage. However, these policies may be limited.

Flooding that occurs during and after the hurricane may not be covered unless you have a rider for flood insurance or a separate policy.

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Seeking Compensation

Unfortunately, big storms will strike Florida from time to time. If your property has suffered a loss from a hurricane, hail storm, wind storm, or lightning strike, you expect your homeowner’s insurance to compensate you for those losses.

If the insurance company is not treating you fairly by downplaying the severity of your losses or by using unrealistic figures for repair costs in your area, a property claim lawyer in Lehigh Acres, FL, will be able to protect your right to seek compensation.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is ready to work on your behalf. We will fight for you, working to help you receive a fair settlement. We work on a contingency basis, meaning we do not receive payment until you do. Call us today at 1-800-747-3733, as you have a limited time to act in this kind of case under FL § 95.11.