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The National Transportation Safety Board reports that the majority of all accidents involve negligent or inexperienced riders. A jet ski accident can lead to severe injuries that alter your life, family, career, and finances. You may be left with a stack of medical debt that you cannot pay. In addition, you may have lost hundreds of dollars in lost wages.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can investigate your case to determine what happened and who is responsible. We can also fight to get you fair compensation based on the circumstances of your accident. To get started with your potential personal injury claim, contact our law firm today.

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How We Handle Cases

When you have an entire legal team working on your case, our lawyers can:

  • Investigate your case to determine the cause of your accident.
  • Gather the necessary evidence in attempts to substantiates your claim.
  • Establish a link between the at-fault party’s negligence and your damages.
  • Fight to get you the compensation you deserve.
  • Represent you in court if you decide to file a lawsuit.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission establishes regulations to ensure the safety of all jet ski riders. When individuals or companies fail to adhere to those regulations, they are responsible for compensation.

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Damages You Can Recover in a Jet Ski Accident Case

A jet ski accident can occur as a result of a negligent jet ski operator, manufacturer, rental company, or the city. Who is at fault for the accident, how the accident occurred, and the extent of your losses determines what damages you can claim. Our lawyers can help you account for damages such as:

Medical Expenses

Injuries from a jet ski accident range from minor scratches and broken bones to disability and dismemberment. You may pay for medical services such as emergency care, hospital stay, surgical procedures, physical therapy, or long-term medical care.

Lost Wages

In addition to out-of-pocket expenses, you may also lose wages during that time that you are in recovery. Lost income can include pay, bonuses, tips, benefits, health insurance, or retirement.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering refer to the physical or emotional stress that you endure after the accident. It may also include loss of consortium, loss of parental support, or overall decline in the quality of life.

Wrongful Death

If you lost a loved one in a jet ski accident, your family may be entitled to death-related damages such as funeral or burial costs, loss of household income, pre-death medical expenses, or pain and suffering of the deceased.

Do not let the insurance company tell you what your case is worth. Hire a Baldwin jet ski accident lawyer to determine the real value of your claim.

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