Naples Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer Semi-truck accidents can cause severe injuries and financial losses.

Semi-trucks and other large commercial vehicles can cause great damage in accidents with passenger cars, potentially leaving car occupants fatally injured or disabled for life. If you are recovering from serious injuries after a truck accident, or if a loved one died, you could have legal recourse. Your Naples semi-truck accident lawyer may be able to help. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine now at (239) 900-3000 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation where we can review and determine your legal options.

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Causes of Semi-Truck Accidents

While there can be many different reasons for semi-truck accidents, including vehicle defects and wrongly loaded cargo, driver-related causes are most common, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). FMCSA statistics show that only 10 percent of truck crashes occur due to vehicle-related causes.

Examples of driver- and vehicle-related causes of semi-truck accidents are:

  • Intoxicated driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving fatigued
  • Speeding
  • Driving generally recklessly
  • Driver lacks appropriate training
  • Driver lacks adequate qualifications
  • Trucks are not maintained to a good standard
  • Trucks are not serviced appropriately

Speeding and distracted driving are the most common reasons for truck accidents, according to the FMCSA. Brake failure also plays a part in many truck accidents.

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Negligence in Semi-Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are rarely straightforward. While causes for your crash could be driver-related, several other parties could have some responsibility for the crash, and therefore, for compensating you. A truck accident lawyer can help determine who should be held responsible in a personal injury lawsuit.

Several parties could be liable for your accident, including:

  • The semi-truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • A truck manufacturer
  • The company that loaded the truck’s cargo
  • The company that services and repairs the trucks

To receive adequate compensation for your injuries and other damages, you will need to identify all liable parties and prove negligence with evidence. Having a truck accident lawyer help you with this process can offer peace of mind, as your lawyer has the resources to investigate the accident and circumstances comprehensively. An attorney can also help you pursue all avenues for compensation.

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What to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

It can be tough to know what to do and where to turn immediately after an accident, especially if you or any of your loved ones suffer from serious injuries. However, you must protect your rights straight away after an accident.

Some important actions can include:

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Medical Help

Truck accidents can cause severe injuries. Those involved may need emergency treatment on the scene or at a hospital. However, not all accident victims have life-threatening or serious injuries. Even those who have only minor symptoms should seek medical advice and treatment immediately after an accident or soon after. Not only can this help detect accident-related injuries, but a medical report can also prove your damages if you intend to sue later.


Collecting evidence as soon as possible can help victims preserve their rights and recover compensation later. If you can, this should start at the accident scene. Take pictures and collect witnesses’ contact details. A lawyer can help preserve evidence, and if needed, contact the trucking company and other parties to instruct them to save crucial records and other evidence.


Semi-truck accidents typically require specialist knowledge, and an attorney could seek help from an accident reconstruction specialist or other expert witnesses. Getting in touch with a lawyer promptly after an accident could help you collect case evidence and protect your rights. A lawyer can also determine what your case is worth by calculating your damages.

What Not to Do After a Semi-Truck Accident

Some things you may want to avoid doing after an accident include:

Speaking to the Insurance or Trucking Company

Remember that the insurance or trucking company will not have your interests at heart; they have their own. Anything you say or do, such as verbally accepting out-of-court settlements, can later prevent you from filing a successful lawsuit and getting your due. It is best to delegate any communication to your Naples semi-truck accident lawyer, who knows how to communicate and negotiate with the other parties and protect your rights in the process.

Posting Accident Details on Social Media

It is important to stay off social media as much as you can, without posting any crucial details of your accident, your condition, injuries, or any of your activities after an accident. Also, be wary of accepting any new friends that you do not know personally. The other side could look for evidence to disprove your claim or challenge the severity of your injuries. Social media posts on Facebook or Instagram, for example, could be used as evidence in court.

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Dealing with a complicated semi-truck accident and legal action on your own can be discouraging and overwhelming. However, if you have suffered serious injuries or a family member died due to a driver or a trucking company’s negligent actions, you deserve justice and compensation. We could help you hold the negligent parties to account and recover what you deserve.

Truck accident lawyers wear many hats. They can gather important evidence to prove your case, negotiate with insurance companies, and build your case thoroughly. While it is sometimes possible to resolve claims with an out-of-court settlement, your Naples semi-truck accident lawyer will not shy away from taking your case to trial if necessary.

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