Naples Property Claim Lawyer If you face property losses after a fire, storm, pipe leak, or other events, we can help you pursue an insurance claim for compensation.

When your property experiences losses due to a storm or other threat, you expect that your insurance company will come through by covering your claims. However, this is not always the case.

If your property loss claim was denied by your insurer, it is helpful to explore your options with a property claim lawyer in Naples, FL. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine is available to assist clients in pursuing financial compensation for covered losses.

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Property Claim Types That Our Team Can Help with

Denied property claims can be a real headache. The team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine works with you in pursuing claims and appeals against your insurance company. A property claim lawyer in Naples, FL can help you in the following areas:

Your policy likely covers one or more of the losses above. In some cases, you may need to explore other options or policies to cover specific losses. Contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine for a free consultation today.

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Losses in Property Claims

Depending on the type of incident you’re facing, you could be dealing with a host of issues with your property. We can help you seek the full, fair compensation you need for the following repair or replacement needs:

  • Fire losses: You may need to clean out smoke and ash in addition to addressing other major structural concerns. In some cases, fires could render your property a total loss.
  • Hurricane, water, and pipe leak losses: Water can wreak havoc on all parts of your home. A leak may entail plumbing work, and repairing a home after a hurricane could require replacing floors, roofs, walls, and more. Because water can also easily lead to mold issues, you may need to remove mold from your home as well.
  • Other storm losses: Storms could also come with powerful winds, leading to fallen trees or other flying debris that could cause problems with your roof or other property structures.

You should know that your homeowner’s insurance may have some limitations when it comes to flood losses or hurricane losses. For instance, hurricane losses may be covered through a separate hurricane insurance policy.

We will work hard to show an insurance company the extent of your losses and then negotiate for a settlement that allows you to address them.

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Holding Your Insurance Company Accountable for its Promises

Commercial property owners and homeowners often find the legal language in the terms and conditions in their insurance policy complicated and ambiguous. Reading through it can leave more questions than answers regarding your insurance company’s duties toward you.

However, you may find it reassuring to know that you have rights as a property owner, and they must act in good faith toward you. Good faith is a legal doctrine that requires your insurer to:

  • Prevent unreasonable delays in processing.
  • Conduct a thorough, unbiased investigation of your losses.
  • Offer you compensation for the actual value of your covered losses.

The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine protects our clients against insurance companies acting in bad faith. You do not have to accept an offer that does not cover your losses—and you do not need to handle this alone. Our property claim lawyers in Naples, FL can represent your interests every step of the way.

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Florida Laws That May Affect Your Case

In some property claims, you may be facing the total loss of your property. If this is the case for you, know that Florida law is on your side.

In Florida, the Valued Policy Law (Florida Statutes §627.702) dictates that property owners should receive a full settlement from an insurance provider in the event that their property is considered a total loss.

Other Florida laws may apply to your case. We will use our understanding of Florida law affecting property claims if you choose to work with our team.

Steps You Can Take to Document Your Losses

Even though you may not know your options to move forward after you face losses to your property, keep in mind that you can take several steps that will benefit your insurance claim process.

Consider gathering the following information:

  • Take photos of the affected areas of the property.
  • Make a note of all specific issues in every room of the property.
  • Keep track of your receipts related to your property losses, such as the cost of staying in a hotel or moving.
  • Have all available records of your insurance policy handy.

By taking these steps, you can gather evidence to strengthen your case. You can give all of this documentation to one of our property claim lawyers—and we can help you present this evidence through an insurance claim.

Get a Consultation with Our Team Before Accepting a Settlement

One of the most important steps you can take to protect the value of your property claim is to seek a free consultation with someone from our team. During your free call, you can tell us more about your situation, any offers you’ve received from your insurance company, and get recommendations about the value of your case.

If you’ve already received a settlement offer from your insurer, keep in mind that an early settlement could be a low one. We want to help you make sure that you are seeking every dollar available according to your policy.

If you choose to work with us, we will review your policy and seek the best possible results on your behalf.

Our Property Claims Lawyers in Naples, FL will go the Extra Mile

The personal injury lawyers at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will be with you through every step of your case—and more. We take pride in offering the following services to our clients:

  • You will get your attorney’s phone number so you can get your questions answered.
  • We will offer you frequent updates on your case so you are well informed during the process.

While there are several aspects of our daily lives that demand attention, it is advisable that you begin working on your appeal or lawsuit sooner rather than later. Time limits exist on filing claims, which means that you have a limited period in which to act. Hire one of our property claims lawyers in Naples, FL to move your request forward.

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If your insurer denies your covered claim, hire a property claim lawyer in Naples, FL at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to help you pursue the fair financial compensation you deserve. You can get a free consultation with our office today.