Naples Premises Liability Lawyer If you were injured on someone else's property in Naples, our premises liability lawyers can fight to recover damages.

If you were injured on someone’s property in Naples, you could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages. Consider reaching out to our premises liability lawyers as soon as possible.

We charge no fee for an initial consultation, and you are under no obligation to work with us after we discuss your case. Best of all, our premises liability lawyers work on a contingency basis: if there’s no recovery for you, there’s no fee for us.

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Our Premises Liability Attorneys Pursue Compensation on Your Behalf

Our legal team goes the extra mile to get you the compensation you deserve. We take care of the details in collecting evidence, talking to witnesses, and filing an insurance claim against all liable parties.

We will seek compensation for your damages, which could include:

  • Medical treatment
  • Lost pay
  • Disability (temporary or permanent)
  • Disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will be your strong legal advocate so that you can focus on recovering from your injuries and feeling better.

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Recovering Compensation for Your Personal Injury

If you were invited or allowed to be on someone’s property, the property owner is expected to provide a safe environment free of hazards. The home or business owner is also responsible for making necessary repairs for unsafe conditions.

If a Naples property owner does not uphold this duty of care, and you suffer harm on their premises, you could be entitled to compensation for injuries such as:

  • Broken or fractured bones
  • Concussion
  • Twisted or torn ligaments
  • Chipped or broken teeth or dental work

The more serious the injury, the more out-of-pocket expenses you are likely to sustain, the more income you will likely lose—and the greater the pain and suffering you will probably endure. A premises liability lawyer from our firm can explain your legal options for collecting damages that help you recover financially from your injuries.

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Accidents That Might Occur on Someone’s Property in Naples

The legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine has seen the results of premises liability in several situations.

Common types of premises liability accidents include:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Falling objects
  • Dog bites
  • Burns
  • Electrical shocks
  • Exposure to toxins
  • Swimming pool injuries, including drowning
  • Acts of violence

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), slips and falls and trips and falls constitute the most common cause of retail store injuries. In the occupational realm, falls from ladders top the list of injuries and fatalities.

Our lawyers can review the circumstances of your accident on a Naples premises to determine the property owner’s liability.

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What to Do After a Slip and Fall or Other Premises Liability Accident

If you slip and fall or experience another type of accident on someone else’s Naples property, what you do in the moments, hours, and days that follow can impact your ability to recover compensation for your injury-related damages.

Seek Medical Attention for Your Injuries

Do not put off having a medical professional check out your injuries. You might think you have suffered nothing more than a bruised ego, but slips and falls can cause internal injuries that might not manifest for days or weeks.

A doctor knows how to check for these injuries and will document them as having occurred in connection with your accident. This is important when you are seeking compensation.

Follow the Doctor’s Instructions Completely 

If you deviate from your physician’s recommended treatment, this could tell a jury that you were not suffering pain from the accident injury, and it could seriously undermine your case.

Document Where, When, and How the Accident Occurred 

As soon as possible, jot down all your memories of the accident. If you have your phone handy, take photos of the stretched cable, hallway clutter, displaced rug, icy steps, broken handrail, or whatever negligence caused your accident.

Watch What You Say and What You Post

You have no doubt heard this on TV: what you say can and will be used against you. This holds true for personal injury cases, as well as criminal cases. The insurance company can use anything you say to devalue or dismiss your claim—so stick to the facts, or better yet, have one of our lawyers talk to the insurance company on your behalf.

Do not post about your accident, as your words and photos can come back to haunt you as you pursue compensation.

Consider Calling Legal Counsel as Soon as Possible

The sooner you hire an attorney, the more time you give us to investigate your case while the evidence is still fresh, talk to witnesses, explore your damages, and so on. We need that time in case settlement negotiations with the insurance company do not work out. In this case, we will file a lawsuit in civil court—and this will need to happen before the statute of limitations runs out.

You Have a Limited Time to Take Legal Action in Florida

Our premises liability lawyers at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine have successfully resolved premises liability cases with a fair insurance settlement. If necessary, we will represent you in court. Florida Statutes § 95.11 limits the time you may take legal action, so please call our firm today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

For your convenience, a Naples premises liability lawyer can meet with you at your home, the hospital, or our office. Call today.