Naples Bus Accident Lawyer Those involved in a bus accident could be entitled to awards from responsible parties.

Someone who is the victim of a bus accident could be seriously injured as a result. They may be injured as the occupant of a bus or could be injured because the vehicle they were occupying was struck by a bus. Perhaps you have lost a loved one because they were the victim of a bus accident.

If you suffered an injury or your loved one passed away from injuries suffered during a bus accident, then a lawsuit or insurance claim could help you to find justice. A Naples bus accident lawyer and their team will review your case and may be able to secure compensation for you or a loved one.

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There Is No Single Type of Bus Accident Victim

A bus accident could cause harm to numerous parties involved in the collision.

Some of the types of victims who may bring a lawsuit after a bus accident include:

  • A bus occupant
  • A passenger in a vehicle struck by a bus
  • A driver of a vehicle struck by a bus
  • A pedestrian struck by a bus
  • A bicyclist struck by a bus
  • A motorcyclist struck by a bus

Such victims may be able to secure compensation for the losses they have suffered. More than one party could be legally responsible for compensating victims and may do so through a court-issued judgment or a settlement agreement. Some of the parties who may be determined to be liable for a bus accident include:

  • The driver of the bus
  • The owner of the bus, which may be a private company or municipality
  • Any other party with legal liability or whose actions contributed to the collision or collision-related consequences

Bus accidents are each distinct, and a lawyer will review the circumstances of the collision that caused you or a loved one to be injured. In doing this, they will determine who has liability for your losses and what the most appropriate way to seek compensation from those liable parties is.

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Protect Your Rights After a Bus Accident

Defense of your rights should always be a priority after an accident. In the case of a bus accident, your rights may be at risk if:

  • You speak with an insurance company before understanding their possible motives
  • You speak with other parties involved in the accident who may have an agenda to shift blame for the accident to you
  • You are not aware of relevant deadlines for certain types of legal action

One means of defending your rights is to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer will ensure that you are not coerced into any statements or actions that could infringe on your rights and will handle all communications related to your insurance claim or lawsuit.

Aside from defending your rights, having a Naples bus accident lawyer represent you after your collision could provide peace of mind, as well as several identifiable benefits. Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine today at (239) 900-3000 to speak with our team about the next steps in seeking compensation for you or a loved one.

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Bus Accidents May Cause Great Losses

A bus accident could generally mean a large, speeding object slamming into a vehicle that you or your loved one were occupying. This sort of event may leave you with physical and psychological scars and some injuries diagnosed as acute.

The following are injuries that could result from a bus accident.

Broken Bones

Fractures are one type of injury that could come from being in a bus accident. MedlinePlus cites car accidents as one of the possible reasons for a fracture occurring, noting that a compound fracture (where the bone punctures your skin) is one specific type of fracture that could come from an auto collision.

Fractures may be very painful and could require a significant time to heal.

Whiplash and Other Head and Neck Injuries

The Mayo Clinic explains that whiplash may be most likely to occur if a bus struck your vehicle from the rear, though this is not necessarily the only crash scenario that could cause whiplash. Whiplash may cause neck stiffness and pain, among other symptoms.

Additionally, you or your loved one may have suffered a traumatic brain injury or another type of injury affecting the head or neck area. These sorts of injuries may result in chronic pain and complications that disrupt your life to a significant degree.

Psychological Trauma

A bus accident may cause recurring, unwanted memories, conditions like anxiety, and other forms of psychological trauma. This trauma may rear itself in certain scenarios (such as riding in or driving a vehicle) or may exist in a more generalized manner.

The toll of psychological trauma may take many forms. It could make it more difficult for you to work, may lead to physical symptoms, and may affect the overall quality of your life.

Your lawyer will seek compensation for these and any other forms of harm that you or a loved one have experienced after your Naples bus accident. They will complete a lawsuit or insurance claim on your behalf, and in some circumstances bringing both kinds of action may be appropriate, particularly if multiple parties are liable for your accident.

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Those who are injured or lose a loved one in a bus accident deserve a shot at recovering fair compensation, and a Naples bus accident lawyer can fight for the compensation that you or your loved one deserve.

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