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If you suffered an injury at work in Naples, FL, you could be covered by workers’ compensation benefits. Under this program, you could recoup your medical bills and a portion of your lost income. However, all too often, injured employees struggle to get the benefits they deserve. 

The workers’ compensation attorneys from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help. We have the resources available to explain your options and get the full benefits you deserve.

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Most Employees are Covered By Workers’ Compensation Insurance 

According to the Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation, most employees in the state have coverage. However, the rules vary depending on the industry. For instance, if a construction company has even one employee, that worker must have insurance. However, a non-construction agency must provide workers’ compensation benefits if they have more than four employees. 

Typically, very small businesses are exempt from providing workers’ compensation coverage.

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What do Workers’ Compensation Benefits Cover? 

The Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation notes that you could receive: 

  • About two-thirds of your average weekly wages, which you receive bi-weekly 
  • All of your “approved” medical care 
  • Death benefits, if you lost a loved one 
  • Vocational training, if you qualify 

You will receive payment for your lost income 21 days after reporting your injury to your employer. 

Can You Receive Other Damages, Like Pain and Suffering? 

You cannot recover compensation for pain and suffering from workers’ compensation insurance. However, you may be able to collect compensation for more damages through a liability claim. 

This may be possible if your injuries were caused by a defective product or another party’s negligence. This would allow you to collect money for the totality of your lost wages, property damage, pain and suffering, and other losses.

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How Can a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in Naples Help You? 

Having a workers’ compensation attorney in Naples can bolster your claim and seek the maximum benefits you deserve. 

Some of the ways we can advance your claim include: 

  • Walking you through every step of the process
  • Collecting medical records and other documents to prove your case
  • Enlisting the help of experts who can help us understand your injuries
  • Managing communications with the insurance company
  • Managing your claim from beginning to end
  • Filing an appeal (if necessary) 

When you contact us about your workers’ compensation claim, we will immediately start building your case. We know how difficult it can be to suffer a workplace injury and be unable to work. Our goal is to secure benefits and help you get back on your feet. 

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What Should You do if You were Hurt on the Job? 

Your injury should qualify for workers’ compensation coverage if you suffer a workplace injury, a work-related chronic injury, or a job-related illness. However, getting the benefits you deserve is not always easy. The process offers many opportunities for your employer or the insurance company to deny your claim. 

Here are some measures you should employ if you suffered a work-related impairment: 

Notify Your Employer 

First, you should notify your employer of your injuries. Florida law gives you 30 days to provide notification in writing. Ideally, you should notify your employer much sooner. If you can, notify them immediately after you are injured or diagnosed. 

File Your Claim 

After you notify your employer of your injuries or illness, it has one week to file a claim with the liable insurance provider. You or your employer must submit a detailed description of your accident and the injuries you suffered.

Note: This information will play a key role in your claim. For instance, if your employer submits that report, he may have more influence on your benefits than you realize. If your employer does not believe you suffered an eligible injury, this may color his ability to supply full and accurate information to the insurance company.

Consider Legal Representation 

After the insurer has all the documentation to support your claim, it reviews the report and makes a decision. If the insurer rules you are not eligible for benefits, we can help you file a Petition for Benefits.

We know all the tactics and tricks insurance companies employ to deny claims. We can build a strong case on your behalf and argue that you deserve benefits. Your workers’ compensation lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can oversee the entire claims process. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Claims Process 

We want to pre-emptively address some of your concerns about the claims process. Here are some questions we frequently get from our clients: 

Does it Matter who (or what) Caused Your Injuries? 

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. It doesn’t matter how your injuries happened. All that matters is that you were hurt while working within the scope of your job. However, your employer could deny you benefits if you were intoxicated or engaging in horseplay. 

We will prove that you were injured while performing your job’s obligations. We will fight against any attempts by your employer or the insurer to deny your claim. 

Can You get Fired if You File a Claim? 

Your employer cannot fire you if you file a workers’ compensation claim. However, they may find another reason to terminate you or assign you to another position. If this happens, our personal injury lawyers can file a wrongful termination suit. We will do everything in our power to protect your job, future, and right to benefits. 

What if Your Employer Won’t Report Your Injuries and Accident to the Insurer? 

If your employer refuses to report the incident, you can report it yourself. You can learn more about reporting your accident by gleaning information from the Employee Assistance Office

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