Naples 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer An 18-wheeler far outweighs most other vehicles and could have caused serious injuries to you.

An 18-wheeler may have the capacity to crush or severely degrade a vehicle that it collides with, and you or a loved one could have been injured because of an 18-wheeler’s great capacity for destruction. Such injuries, or the even more tragic loss of life, could be a motivation for you to contact our team for a Naples 18-wheeler accident lawyer.

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18-Wheelers Populate the Roads of Florida

Florida is one of the most populous states in all of America, and Naples is a destination not only for permanent residents but also tourists. 18-wheelers may be necessary to service the needs of Naples’ residents and visitors, and the city’s proximity to Interstate-75 means that 18-wheelers may regularly populate the roads of Naples.

Every vehicle in Naples represents the potential for a collision, and large trucks such as 18-wheelers may cause particularly serious accidents. When collisions do occur, a lawyer can get to the core of:

  • Who caused the accident
  • Precisely how the accident occurred
  • How the accident has affected its victims

A lawyer can do this for you. Once they gather facts, they will file a lawsuit or insurance claim and see either type of case through until it is complete. The resolution to your case may include you receiving compensation for your accident-related losses.

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Losses for Which You May Recover Compensation

Those who are in a vehicle struck by an 18-wheeler, or those who are struck as pedestrians, may require sustained, intensive medical care. The cost of medical care may rise quickly, with specific expenses including the cost of:

  • An ambulance ride from the scene of your accident
  • Diagnostic tests and scans
  • Being cared for in a hospital
  • Medications administered while in the hospital
  • Follow-up doctor’s visits

These are just a few of the medical costs that you may be facing after your accident. A lawyer may be able to have your accident-related healthcare costs paid for by the parties who are liable for your accident.

If you lost a loved one because of a motor vehicle collision involving an 18-wheeler, the cost may be far beyond your financial means. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the total cost of vehicle accident deaths in a single year can be as much as $4.4 billion. The personal cost may also be massive.

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Parties Who May Pay for Your Losses

Parties with legal liability for your losses may include the driver of the 18-wheeler that struck you or your loved one, the company or individual who employs the at-fault driver, or others who were negligent in a way that contributed to your collision.

A lawyer must become familiar with how an accident occurred and who was involved before determining who is liable for the victim’s losses. Upon becoming your attorney, your lawyer will gather available information so that they may identify the parties who may owe you compensation for your losses.

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The Potential Downside of Handling Your Case Alone

You will need to decide whether or not you would like a lawyer to handle your pursuit of compensation after an accident, either through an insurance claim or lawsuit. You have the option of handling your case alone, too.

As you consider the potential benefits of hiring a lawyer, you may also consider what could transpire if you choose to handle your case on your own.

Your Health Could Get Worse

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) explains that dealing with stress can cause a number of adverse physical symptoms, affecting:

  • Your digestive health
  • Your cardiovascular health
  • Your reproductive health
  • Your general immunity to illness

You may already be coping with serious stress after an 18-wheeler accident. The prospects of being injured, being out of work, and facing general uncertainty may be stressful. You may ask yourself: is handling a lawsuit or insurance claim without a lawyer’s assistance going to add further stress to your life?

For many, the answer to that question may be yes. Note that willingly taking on such stress could mean further compromising your health.

You May Have to Invest Significant Time

Unless you are a lawyer, insurance professional, or someone who has invested a significant amount of time in lawsuits or insurance claims, then completing a claim or lawsuit may be a time-consuming undertaking. Even a lawyer with experience completing lawsuits may spend substantial time on your case, but you may have to dedicate additional time to:

  • Learning relevant laws
  • Learning accepted practice for bringing a lawsuit or insurance claim
  • Handling communications related to your lawsuit or claim

You may not be able to complete your case efficiently either, as you could have responsibilities beyond a claim or lawsuit. A lawyer, however, makes it their job to complete cases such as yours, and will work on your case until it reaches a resolution.

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You are entitled to legal help, and a Naples 18-wheeler accident lawyer may not charge you anything upfront for their services. You will only have to pay a fee if your lawyer wins, in which case their fee will come from your winnings instead of your own pocket.

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