Naples Construction Truck Accident Lawyer Construction trucks may cause a collision resulting in injuries or loss of life.

A construction truck may be directly involved in a collision or could drop debris that causes one or more accidents not directly involving the truck. A lawyer would like to hear from you or a loved one who has been harmed because of a construction truck accident in Naples. They may be able to win you compensation to cover your losses.

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Construction in Naples Brings Certain Hazards

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists construction among the industries of note in Naples, and the appealing aspects of the Naples region means that continued growth is a certainty. With this growth comes a responsibility for those who drive and oversee construction trucks to ensure responsible operation of the vehicles.

Some of the ways that truck drivers and their employers may ensure safe operation of construction trucks are:

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Inspecting Trucks Regularly

Construction trucks may be exposed to more wear and tear than other types of vehicles. They may need to be inspected at regular intervals to ensure that they remain roadworthy. Some of the inspection-related duties of a construction truck owner include:

  • Rotating and changing tires at regular periods
  • Ensuring brakes are in good condition
  • Ensuring vehicle components necessary to secure construction items are free of defect
  • Taking dangerous vehicles out of commission until they are replaced or repaired

A construction truck that is defective in any way could be at risk of causing a collision, whether from a tire blowout, brake failure, or another type of problem.

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Ensuring That Drivers Are Properly Trained and Sober

The Department of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy lists construction-type trucks (dump trucks) in the heaviest class of vehicles on the road. Drivers generally require a Commercial Driver License (CDL), which the Florida Department of Motor Vehicle and Highway Safety (FLHSMV) explains may require a driver to undergo skills and knowledge tests.

Having a CDL may not be enough for a driver to qualify as a safe construction truck operator. An employer must ensure that their drivers are capable of driving the truck that they are assigned to operate and must also ensure that drivers are not using substances while on the job.

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Securing Items in a Construction Truck

The potential for construction debris, equipment, or materials to fall out of a truck may be an even greater hazard than the threat of a truck being directly involved in a collision. When items inside of a construction truck fall into the roadway, there is the potential for those items to cause numerous accidents by causing oncoming vehicles to swerve or strike the items.

Liability for a construction truck accident may fall with both the driver and their employer, though every situation warrants individual consideration. A Naples construction truck accident lawyer or their team will speak with you about your case and explain who they believe to be liable for your losses.

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How a Lawyer Can Aid Your Case for Awards

A lawyer may not merely help you with your case for compensation, they may lead it. They could handle as much of your case as possible and will take care of any responsibility that you are not required to handle yourself.

You may be in great pain just after your accident. This pain could be physical and could also be psychological if you have lost a loved one because of a construction truck accident or have trauma from your own accident. A lawyer will handle duties that you may not be able or willing to complete on your own soon after your accident, such as:

  • Filing injury reports that could be required for you to file a lawsuit
  • Dealing with insurance representatives
  • Obtaining essential paperwork like police reports
  • Organizing your medical paperwork, which may be evidence of your losses
  • Initiating your lawsuit or insurance claim

As your case progresses, your lawyer will continue to serve you in several ways. If you bring a lawsuit, then your lawyer may:

Establish a Settlement Baseline

Your lawyer will need to know how much compensation you are entitled to if they are to negotiate a fair settlement. Getting a baseline for how much compensation you deserve will be one of your lawyer’s priorities. They may do this by:

  • Determining how much your accident-related medical expenses cost
  • Determining how much it will cost to repair or replace your vehicle
  • Calculating your pain and suffering
  • Monitoring how much income you lose because of your injuries

A lawyer will keep a continual accounting of your losses, as they may increase with the passage of time.

Seek a Settlement

Once they have established a baseline for what a fair settlement would be, your lawyer will seek to secure such a settlement. This may require negotiations with the lawyer or lawyers for defendants named in your lawsuit. Those defendants could include a construction driver and their employer, though every accident has unique circumstances that require careful consideration.

Winning compensation to help you or a loved one cover your losses will be your lawyer’s primary mission.

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Construction truck accidents in Naples may leave victims injured or deceased, and you may be facing these unfortunate outcomes yourself. A Naples construction truck accident lawyer will make seeking compensation for you or a loved one their priority.

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