Naples Big Rig Accident Lawyer A big rig, or 18-wheeler, may have caused you or a loved one to be injured.

Big rigs, another term for 18-wheel vehicles (18-wheelers), may become increasingly heavy as they are loaded with cargo. The heavier the vehicle becomes, the more danger it may pose to those with whom it collides. With this in mind, even the lightest of big rigs may weigh as much as 33,000 pounds, as the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy notes. This kind of weight can crush a vehicle and maim the passengers inside.

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Driving a Big Rig Requires Extraordinary Caution

Big rigs are larger than most vehicles (especially compact cars), and they may also far outweigh the typical vehicle. These features make driving a big rig different than driving other vehicle types, and in some ways, it may make driving a big rig more difficult than driving smaller, lighter vehicles.

There are various precautions that a big rig driver may take to avoid being in a collision. The driver of the big rig that caused your accident may have failed to take one or more of these steps, which include:

Slowing When Making Turns

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) explains that losing control of a large truck (such as a big rig) and veering out of one’s lane accounted for 29% and 32% of studied accidents, respectively. Both of these types of crash precursors may be due to a big rig driver traveling too quickly, and turning presents a foreseeable instance in which driving too quickly could lead to loss of control.

If a big rig driver was speeding or lost control of their vehicle for some other reason and then caused your accident, their loss of control may be considered negligence.

Refraining from Intoxicants

Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol may be dangerous, as it may affect:

  • One’s decision making process
  • One’s level of impulsivity or aversion to risk
  • One’s level of control over their physical state
  • One’s level of control over their emotional and psychological states

A truck driver being under the influence while on the job may qualify as negligence not only by the driver but also by an employer who may have failed to test the driver for the use of such substances.

Obeying Traffic Rules

There is a bevy of traffic signs and signals that all drivers must abide by. Big rig drivers who do not stop for red lights, make illegal turns, exceed the speed limit, or drive in other ways that mean breaking the rules of the road may have put you at risk by disobeying those rules.

When you choose to hire a Naples big rig accident lawyer, you may task them with identifying the precise ways that any liable parties breached your rights. A breach of your right to safety may be called a breach of duty of care and could entitle you to receive compensation.

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A Big Rig Accident May Cause Serious Injuries

The human body may not generally be able to withstand the force of a big rig accident without, at the very least, suffering some sort of injury. In the worst-case scenario, injuries to your loved one may have been fatal.

Even if injuries affecting you or a loved one did not claim a life, the consequences of suffering a non-fatal injury can be serious. In the case of a non-fatal injury, other losses that you may suffer could include:

  • An inability to work, either temporarily or permanently
  • Chronic pain or other permanent symptoms of injury
  • Loss of certain physical abilities
  • Brain damage, which could reduce your cognitive abilities, change your personality, or change the way that you process emotions

You may suffer financial costs from your accident as well. Medical bills, lost income, and the cost of treatment for psychological trauma may be among those costs. A lawyer will work to recover compensation to help you offset those costs.

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Benefits You May Receive from Your Lawyer

A lawyer may show their worth by recovering compensation to cover the losses that you or your loved one have suffered because of a big rig accident. As they fight to secure such compensation, your lawyer may complete the various steps that are required to complete a lawsuit or insurance claim.

This may include:

  • Speaking at length with you or your loved one about the specifics of your accident
  • Speaking with witnesses about their accounts of your accident
  • Gathering evidence and documentation relevant to your case
  • Protecting your rights throughout the legal or insurance process
  • Negotiating a settlement

When you or your loved one hires a lawyer, they hire someone to handle all of the duties that need to be completed in order to seek compensation for your losses.

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