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Accidents involving semi-trucks can result in serious injuries, causing long-term medical issues or even death. The impact of a semi-truck accident on a victim can take an incredible financial toll. Trucking accidents differ in several ways from typical passenger vehicle accidents. Large commercial trucks weigh substantially more than passenger vehicles, travel at different speeds, and need much more space to maneuver safely. If you experienced an accident involving a semi-truck, a Miami semi-truck accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you fight for justice and compensation. Call 1-800-747-3733 today for a free case review.

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How Semi-Truck Accidents Differ from Passenger Vehicle Accidents

Semi-truck accidents differ from passenger vehicle accidents in many ways. However, the most substantial way is due to the fact that truck drivers and trucking companies have additional federal regulations that they must follow created by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Examples of additional regulations that truck drivers must follow include hours of service regulations and regulations involving the securing and carrying of cargo. Any violation of these federally established standards can result in a serious accident resulting in substantial injuries or fatalities.

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Determining Liability in Semi-Truck Accidents

Additionally, in semi-truck accidents, victims can file a claim against both the truck driver individually as well as the trucking company that hired them. In some cases, a victim may have the right to file a claim against the trucking company for negligent hiring, failing to appropriately train the truck driver, failing to appropriately supervise the truck driver, failing to enforce or monitor the adherence to federal regulations, or failing to correct violations of safety standards or inspections. Conducting a full investigation often results in determining why the semi-truck accident occurred, allowing a victim to pursue all liable parties responsible for their injuries and losses.

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The Process Following a Semi-Truck Accident

Many victims feel overwhelmed after a serious accident with a large commercial truck. With their injuries and damage to their vehicle, they may simply not know how to start the process of seeking compensation for their injuries and losses. Consider the following steps if you suffered any economic or non-economic losses following a semi-truck accident:


The best form of documentation is any photographs you can take at the scene of the accident. However, many victims need immediate medical attention and remain unable to take photographs or document the accident scene. In these cases, request an official copy of the police report, as it may include documentation, witness information, the truck driver contact information, the trucking company information, and in some cases photographs of the accident.


In many cases, large trucking companies will immediately send an investigator over to the scene of the accident to find any type of evidence that would limit their liability. Many victims struggle with understanding how they can develop an investigation into their trucking case to help determine liability and responsibility. In many cases, a Miami semi-truck accident lawyer can conduct an independent investigation to ensure all evidence remains preserved and that expert witnesses provide additional information and testimony regarding the trucking accident.

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Determine Compensation

One of the major components of a trucking accident case involves determining the compensation that a victim has a legal right to pursue under the law. There are several different types of compensation that a victim may have the right to pursue, depending on the facts and circumstances of their case. Some of these types of compensation may include the following:

  • Medical costs (doctor bills, hospitalizations, ambulance costs, surgeries, medical treatments, physical therapy, psychological counseling, medical aids, in-home nursing care, prescription medications, etc.)
  • Future medical costs
  • Loss of wages (lost salary or wages resulting from an inability to return to employment, lost bonuses, vacation and sick days used to cover days missed due to the accident, missed promotional opportunities, missed employee contributions or pension contributions, etc.)
  • Loss of future wages if the victim remains unable to return to employment in any meaningful capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Property losses (repair or replacement of a vehicle and the contents inside)

The calculation of non-economic losses often proves extremely challenging, and victims have the right to receive the compensation they deserve under the law.

Negotiations with Insurance Companies

One of the most difficult aspects of a truck accident is the negotiations that occur with insurance companies. Trucking companies are often covered by large insurance policies, and the insurance company will do everything to avoid paying a full and fair settlement to a victim. A truck accident lawyer can negotiate with insurance companies on behalf of a victim to obtain the compensation they deserve.

Filing a Lawsuit and Trial

Many trucking accident cases settle with insurance companies. However, there are circumstances where a case needs to go to trial for a victim to receive compensation for their injuries and losses. If this is the case, then many victims choose to receive legal representation from a Miami semi-truck accident lawyer.

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