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Suffering arm and leg injuries in a car accident is a terrible misfortune to happen to anyone. The suddenness of a high-impact car crash can produce life-threatening injuries and lead to years of medical treatments and financial troubles.

Arm and leg injuries happen frequently in car crashes. These injuries are often a direct result of careless drivers disregarding Florida traffic laws from driver distraction, driver intoxication, or just recklessness on the road.

If you have suffered arm and leg injuries in a recent car crash, you may still have time to file a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine pursues claims against reckless drivers who cause accidents and seriously injure others as a result.

We can’t help you turn back time to before your injuries, but we can vigorously defend your legal rights in a court of law to help you recover financial compensation. We will support you by seeking damages to compensate you for your enormous medical costs, lost job income, pain and suffering, and any future needs that you might have.

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Car Accidents in Naples

Car accidents cause a wide range of injuries, depending on the speed and the impact involved in the crash. And the city of Naples is not immune from a range of car accidents and the resulting injuries either.

For instance, if your car is slammed into from the rear, you might suffer the injury of whiplash. If your car gets T-boned in a side-impact crash, you may suffer a range of bodily injuries from broken arms and legs, to cracked vertebrae, to concussions and possible brain injuries. And in the case of a head-on collision with an oncoming vehicle, your car may be totaled, and fatalities may occur.

Other serious injuries can occur in car accidents when the following occurs:

  • Being hit by a truck or bus. Because of the sheer impact and force of an accident with a non-consumer vehicle, a person can suffer possibly catastrophic injuries, not only to the driver but to all the passengers too.
  • Being ejected from the car in an accident. The primary result of not wearing a seatbelt can be ejection from the car in a high-speed collision or even a rollover accident. In addition to cuts, bruises, and possible internal organ trauma, a person may suffer broken arms and legs in such an accident.
  • T-Boned in an intersection. Severe injuries can occur when your auto gets hit by the force of another car traveling 45mph through an intersection when you have the right of way. T-bone accidents may result in broken arms, legs, chest injuries, internal bleeding, head injuries, and bone fractures.

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Specific Causes of Car Crashes

Car crashes happen in many cases due to driver negligence. This non-awareness for focusing on the road can lead to rear-end crashes, sideswipe crashes, head-on collisions, and others. Here are some of the specific causes of car crashes in which arm and leg injuries happen:

Driver Distraction

Driver distraction ranks high for car accidents. One of the most common ways that a driver is distracted is by the mobile device in the car. When a phone rings or beeps with a text, it causes most drivers to look away from the road and glance at the phone. These few seconds of not focusing on the road could create a terrible car accident.

The state of Florida recognizes this danger and as a result, added a law in summer 2019 that states Florida drivers can be stopped and cited with a ticket for texting and driving. The first ticket does not cost the driver any points, but any follow-up violation could cost the driver up to three points off the driving record.

Driver Inebriation

Driver inebriation is another cause of car accidents. There are all types of ways that inebriated persons in Florida get cited for inebriated driving violations.

Florida drivers can get pulled over if they show outward signs of lane weaving, not stopping at lights, and possibly driving too fast over the speed limit. The state limit of blood alcohol concentration is 0.08%, and anything over that is considered a DUI.

The penalties are stiff for these drivers, who can even face possible jail time on a first offense. The penalties are harsh, but damages to cars and injuries to people from drunk driving are deadly.

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Proving Negligence in a Car Accident

Proving negligence in a car accident is the job of your personal injury attorney. You may have suffered serious injuries in a car crash but were able to take some pictures or videos at the scene to gather evidence against an at-fault driver. Along with the police report, this evidence can be used to prove negligence against the other driver.

Our firm would work to show that the other driver or drivers exhibited these four areas of negligence:

  • Show a “duty of care” to other drivers on the road and as such,
  • Breach their expected duty of care through negligence
  • As a result, you were injured from the breach of duty of care, and
  • The injuries you suffered caused physical, emotional, and financial harm

Our support for you is to help prove that the other driver was negligent. This can help you through this difficult part of your life.

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