Naples Speeding Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one was hurt in a speeding accident, you may qualify for financial compensation.

If you or a loved one suffered some type of harm because of a speeding motorist, then you may be owed compensation. A Naples speeding accident lawyer can handle a lawsuit or complete an insurance claim on behalf of you or a loved one, among other tasks. Our personal injury firm offers responsive legal care and goes the extra mile for our clients.

Speeding is a Form of Negligence

Any motorist who chooses to operate a motor vehicle in Naples accepts a duty to the community. As a consequence of their implicit duty, they must drive in a way that ensures the safety of others.

Avoiding speeding is a hallmark of safe driving. Alternatively, speeding represents a clear violation of the duty that any driver in Naples—or elsewhere—accepts when they choose to drive.

As they seek compensation for you or your loved one, a lawyer will aim to show that the motorist who caused your accident was negligent. They may do this by:

  • Explaining that every motorist who drives in Naples has a duty of care
  • Explaining that speeding represents a breach of the motorist’s duty of care
  • Establishing that a motorist’s speeding was the cause of your accident
  • Showing that you or your loved one have suffered losses because of the motorist’s speeding

This four-step method is the general means by which any lawyer would prove negligence, and it may be key to you securing any compensation that your accident entitles you to.

Your Lawyer will Fight for Fair Awards

A lawyer may be able to collect awards for you or a loved one through a claim or lawsuit. The type of action that you bring could impact the array of losses you can recover.

A lawyer will speak with you about which type of case they believe is most appropriate based on your unique circumstances. Regardless of whether you ultimately bring a claim or lawsuit, your lawyer may:

  • Hire an accident reconstruction expert and/or a medical expert
  • Acquire evidence to use during negotiations or at trial
  • Acquire documentation to support the existence of your losses
  • Calculate your losses and determine which losses should be covered
  • Handle all paperwork, appearances, and communications for a claim or lawsuit
  • Interview witnesses, if there were any, to potentially collect important information regarding your case
  • Fight for the compensation you deserve
  • Defend your rights

We believe you should only be focusing on healing from your injuries; we take care of everything else. You will have your attorney’s phone number, and they will frequently update you on the progress of your case.

Speeding Poses a Danger to All on the Road

Those who are aware of traffic statistics understand that speeding motorists show a reckless lack of care for the safety of others, as well as themselves.

When a motorist speeds, several conditions may take hold that could lead directly to your collision—and may have caused your accident.

Speeding Cuts Margin for Error

When a motorist’s vehicle is traveling at a high rate of speed, everything may become exaggerated. The risk of a vehicle pulling out in front of them becomes greater (as stopping is harder), every second that their eye is off the road becomes more consequential, and the margin for driver error generally becomes slimmer.

A motorist who speeds must be uber-careful in order to avoid an accident, but the reality is that a speeding motorist cannot always prevent an accident no matter how attentive they are.

Speeding Increases the Rate of Impact

The damage done in an accident with a vehicle going 20 miles per hour would be significantly less than a vehicle going 100 miles per hour.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that the speed of a vehicle influences both the likelihood that an accident will happen as well as the severity of injuries that may come from such an accident.

Speed may be the Cause of Your Accident

Speeding motorists may fail to stop before striking your vehicle or may lose control of their vehicle in a way that causes an accident. Whatever the relationship between speeding and your accident is, the fact that a motorist sped and caused your accident could entitle you to awards for your covered losses.

A Naples speeding accident lawyer will help you take the next steps in pursuing any compensation that you deserve. We will go the extra mile in fighting for compensation for you or a loved one.

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