How Long does an Insurance Adjuster Have to Respond After a Hurricane Claim? Insurance companies are typically required to respond to you within two weeks of the filing of your claim.

Generally, insurance companies are required to acknowledge and respond to any communication you attempt to make within 14 days of your claim. However, the exact time it takes an insurance adjuster to respond after you file your hurricane claim can vary widely. 

Insurance companies are also known for taking advantage of the terminology and phrasing of the claims. This can make it difficult to understand whether you made a mistake or the insurance company is taking advantage of you. Protect yourself by having a hurricane damage attorney advocate for your rights during the claims process.

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What to Expect From Your Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims Adjuster

Generally, insurance companies are required to initiate the last adjustment of a hurricane damage claim 14 days after the claimant notifies them of a loss. However, insurance policies often have complex legal details you may not be aware of. For example, for some insurance policies, the 14-day period may not apply if there was not a “catastrophic loss.”

In cases of declared emergencies or disasters, insurance commissioners can also extend the period by an additional thirty days. Depending on the details of your case, the insurance company may have as much as 60 days to file your claim to initiate loss adjustment. 

However, it is also important to note that this time limit does not require the insurance adjuster to physically inspect your property or home within 60 days. Instead, the loss adjustment must be initiated. This means they can’t take any action on your claim. For example, they may call you and provide you with a claim number or further instructions on how to handle your claim.

Working With a Lawyer Simplifies the Claims Process

Since the exact amount of time the insurance adjuster has to get started on your case can vary widely, it is important to have an attorney handle your case to ensure the insurance company is held accountable under the law.

Other Important Insurance Adjuster Hurricane Claim Deadlines

In addition to the claim initiation process, insurance adjusters are also held to other important hurricane damage claim deadlines. Some of these might include:

  • Opening an investigation into your claim within ten days of proof of loss submission
  • Approving or denying your claim within 90 days

It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies will be processing a considerable number of claims after a hurricane. For this reason, it may not be unusual for the processing of your claim to be delayed. 

However, if any of the previously mentioned deadlines have passed, and you have not heard from or spoken with the insurance company, you may want to reach out to a hurricane damage lawyer to figure out what your next steps should be.

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What’s Covered By the Insurance Company?

Before you file your claim with the insurance company, it is important to understand what your insurance policies cover. Every hurricane insurance policy is different. For many homeowners insurance policies, flood damage is not included. This means you may have needed to purchase flood insurance to protect you from hurricane damage. 

There are various other types of insurance coverage designed to protect you in the event of a hurricane, including windstorm coverage and sewer backup coverage. Insurance adjusters are known to claim that policies do not provide certain protections when they should. 

If you have concerns that your insurance adjuster is attempting to take advantage of you during your greatest time of need, be sure to have a hurricane damage attorney step in and take over the negotiations process on your behalf.

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What to Do If the Insurance Company Is Not Settling Your Claim Fairly

There are several ways insurance companies are known to handle claims in bad faith. They may question the validity of the claimant’s claim, argue that the damage was caused in another way or was pre-existing, and may attempt to manipulate a statement you gave. They could twist it to sound like you accept responsibility for the damage. 

If this happens, the insurance company may be able to get away with reducing your settlement or denying your claim altogether. If the insurance company does not handle your claim fairly, one of the best things you can do is have a hurricane damage lawyer argue your case. 

Generally, once insurance companies realize you have an attorney on your side, they will be more willing to settle your claim fairly. This is because they realize that they could be ordered to pay you far more than your claim was originally worth if they lose in court.

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