Six Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use to Reduce Your Claim Insurance adjusters may try to reduce your claim by offering fast settlements, asking for a recorded statement, and refusing to negotiate.

Insurance companies do not maintain their enormous profit margins each year by diligently paying out every dollar they owe. Instead, their adjusters work tirelessly to avoid claims they are otherwise responsible for. 

Six tricks insurance adjusters may use to reduce your claim include: 

  • Attempting to settle your case before you know what it’s worth
  • Requesting a recorded statement 
  • Discouraging you from working with a lawyer 
  • Refusing to negotiate a fair offer 
  • Offering less than you need 

You can partner with an attorney from our firm to manage the claims process on your behalf. They can investigate your claim, file its paperwork, and fight for what you need. 

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The Claims Adjuster May Offer a Fast Settlement 

Insurance adjusters are highly trained when it comes to negotiating settlements and resolving claims. They also know that the average policyholder lacks the same experience. For that reason, adjusters may offer “fast and easy” settlements before you have the chance to explore your legal options. 

Insurance adjusters frequently make settlement offers that will cover the immediate expenses related to your loss. Yet, these offers may not account for your anticipated losses, such as future repairs. Remember: once you sign on the dotted line and accept a settlement, you cannot request more money. 

The Insurance Company May Ask You for a Recorded Statement 

Insurance adjusters – especially adjusters working for another person’s insurance carrier – will always ask for a recorded statement. They do this hoping that you’ll: 

  • Share more information than what’s necessary 
  • Admit fault for what happened
  • Demonstrate that you were negligent in preventing your damages 
  • Understate the value of your losses 

What’s more, adjusters often imply that you are obligated to provide a recorded statement. That is not the case. You are under no obligation to speak to the insurance company, whether it represents you or another party. Your lawyer can give the insurance adjuster the information they need – and nothing more. 

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The Claims Adjuster Could Discourage You from Working with a Lawyer 

Insurance adjusters do not want you to hire an attorney. They prefer to negotiate with individuals who are unfamiliar with the claims process. Not only do adjusters not want you to hire an attorney, but some will actively dissuade you from securing legal counsel. 

They could argue that: 

  • Hiring a lawyer is too expensive.  
  • You don’t need a lawyer to settle your claim.
  • Working with a lawyer can make the claims process longer. 
  • Partnering with an attorney does not benefit you. 

The claims adjuster hopes you will put yourself at a disadvantage and negotiate with them directly. That way, they can use their bag of tricks to unfairly resolve your case. 

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The Claims Adjuster Could Refuse to Negotiate a Better Offer 

Even if you have adequate information to support your claim, the claims adjuster could offer less than you’re really owed. They might say that a low offer is the best they can do, or your policy doesn’t allow for the funds you’re requesting. 

You have the right to negotiate for what you need, regardless of what the claims adjuster tells you. When you partner with a lawyer, they can use their years of experience to fight for what you need. 

They can review the liable policy, present additional information to support your case, and protect you from bad faith insurance practices. 

The Claims Adjuster May Offer Less Than You Deserve 

The value of your case should account for your past, present, and future losses. It should also reflect the severity of your injuries, the cost of your damages, and your present quality of life. 

Yet, the claims adjuster might not consider any of those things when offering a settlement. They might punch a few numbers into the computer, get a figure, and offer compensation based on that sum. You deserve compensation that’s tailored to meet your needs, not one that comes from a computer program. 

The claims adjuster hopes that you’ll accept less than you’re owed. Our team hopes to do everything possible to recover the full cost of your expenses. 

Your Claim Might Get Passed Around from Person to Person 

When you first file your claim, you’ll likely learn the name of the representative handling it. Yet, during your case’s progression, you might find your claim going from person to person, making it difficult to contact representatives. 

This is an intentional act by the insurance company to unnecessarily complicate the claims process. The insurer hopes that the more frustrated you get, the more eager you’ll be to settle for less than you’re owed. 

An Attorney Could Help You Deal with the Insurance Companies

These are only six of the tricks insurance adjusters use to reduce insurance claims. These adjusters will stretch the truth and take your words out of context to resolve your case unfairly. In some cases, they will use these tactics to deny your claim entirely. 

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