Naples Brain Injury Lawyer If you or a loved one has suffered a serious head injury due to an accident or negligence, our brain injury lawyer in Naples could help you seek damages.

Traumatic brain injuries are a leading cause of accidental death in the U.S. For those victims who survived the accident, however, life may never return to normal. Whether a brain injury results from a car crash or another type of accident, you deserve financial compensation.

A lawyer can protect your legal rights and help you obtain compensation for your medical care, lost income, and other damages. The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you navigate the complicated legal process of filing a brain injury claim or pursuing a lawsuit.

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Can a Brain Injury Lawyer Help Me Seek Financial Compensation?

If you sustained a severe brain injury because of someone’s negligence, our attorneys can help you file a claim for compensation.

Personal injury lawyers commonly work with victims of head trauma to hold the responsible party accountable. Some of the most common legal claims for brain injuries emerge from these incidents:

  • Slip and fall accidents, including accidents that occur due to premises liability and owner negligence
  • Motor vehicle accidents, including car, truck, and motorcycle crashes
  • Medical malpractice cases, including childbirth, medication, and treatment errors
  • Domestic violence cases, including child or family member abuse
  • Assault, including incidents involving guns or weapons

We will examine the details of your accident to determine if negligence played a role in your injury. If so, we will collect the proof we need to support your claim for full compensation. 

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How can an Attorney Prove Negligence for a Brain Injury Claim?

To establish who was at fault for your injuries, we must prove the four legal elements of negligence:

  • Duty of care, meaning the person responsible for your injury owed you a duty of reasonable care
  • Breach of duty, which means the responsible party breached their duty to you
  • Causation, meaning the breach of duty caused your accident and that accident caused your brain injury
  • Damages, or the actual monetary losses you suffered because of your injury

In most cases, proving negligence requires providing strong evidence to support your claim. We may call on doctors and neurological experts, safety experts, accident scene reconstruction professionals, or other subject matter experts to provide testimony in support of your case.

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What is the Value of My Claim?

To determine the value of your claim, we will first collect information about your injury and tally the number of your damages to date. This typically includes your doctor and hospital bills, care costs, lost wages, and any other actual damages.

To arrive at a total for your claim, we will then calculate the expected cost of future care, including medical treatment, any necessary therapy or rehab, the cost of hiring long-term caregivers, and the cost of purchasing assistive devices or equipment. We will also include your future lost earning potential, pain and suffering, and the loss of life’s enjoyment—or hedonic damages.

For any permanent disability that you or your loved one sustained, we will use case law as precedent to establish a monetary value. We will include this total value when we file an insurance claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. We will then negotiate directly with the insurer to get you fair compensation for your brain injury.

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How Else Can a Lawyer Help with My Brain Injury Case?

We understand that it can be challenging to take on legal matters concerning a brain injury when you are in the recovery stages. This is why we offer responsive legal care that allows you to take care of your medical needs while we worry about everything else.

Seeking compensation for your brain injury is among our main priorities, but we also take other case-related responsibilities off your hands to make the process easier for you.

We will help you collect evidence to support your case and review the evidence you have. We will also represent you at all times, even if we have to go to court, and handle all communications with the insurance company and attorneys involved in your case. This includes any phone calls, emails, and other correspondence.

You Have a Limited Time to Pursue Your Brain Injury Case in Naples

It is essential you contact the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine as soon as possible after your accident. Florida law limits the time you have to file a lawsuit after a brain injury.

Depending on the cause of your accident, the state’s statute of limitations deadline may be anywhere from two to four years from the date your injury occurred. It is essential you preserve your right to file a lawsuit. Even if our lawyers do not take your case to court, maintaining your right to sue can convince the insurance company in your case to settle for a fair amount.  

It is important to meet all deadlines within the statute of limitations. If you don’t, you likely will lose your right to seek compensation from those who caused your injury. If we handle your case, we will file it on time.

How does a Brain Injury Affect the Victim?

Brain injuries frequently result from accidents that disrupt the brain’s normal function.

Unfortunately, many victims never recover from their injuries. A severe brain injury often requires extensive medical care, possibly for the entire course of the patient’s lifetime. Many patients cannot live at home without a caregiver or even tend to their own needs.

In the United States, brain trauma accounts for almost a third of injury-related deaths, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These injuries caused about 61,000 deaths in 2019—the most recent year data is available. In addition to these fatalities, brain injuries required 2.5 million visits to the ER and more than 280,000 hospital admissions that same year.

Why is a Brain Injury so Damaging?

Head trauma causes damage to the body’s neurological systems, which control your thoughts and movements. If the damage is severe enough, victims may lose some or all of their ability to think, feel, and function.

Many victims experience a profound cognitive or emotional shift, which may include one or more of the following effects:

  • Mood disorders
  • Behavioral changes
  • Memory loss
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Loss of muscle control
  • Balance problems
  • Lack of impulse control

These severe complications are the reason why it is essential you recover fair compensation to cover your extensive losses after a brain injury.

Let the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine help with Your Brain Injury Case

Our attorneys provide compassionate legal representation for individuals and families suffering from head trauma. We will protect your legal rights while pursuing the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

We offer complimentary consultations and case reviews for head injury victims to help you better understand your options under the law. Contact us today to speak directly with a brain injury lawyer’s office in Naples.