An injury that happens on someone else’s property could entitle you to a premises liability case. Property owners must fulfill certain obligations on their properties. Those obligations require them to maintain properties that are as safe as possible for visitors.

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Building a Premises Liability Case in West Palm Beach, FL

Duty of care applies to property owners, small business owners and large commercial properties like malls, hotels, and gyms. If there are any features, objects, or obstructions which contributed to your injury, you likely have a strong premises liability claim.

The Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you prove that the circumstances leading up to your injury constituted a breach of duty, for example:

  • Property owner knew or should be aware of hazards or dangerous conditions
  • Property owner was negligent in repairing the hazard
  • Property owner failed to make visitors aware of the hazard
  • The injury is due to the harmful conditions present on the property

For example, let us say you slipped and fell at your local grocery store. And the reason you slipped and fell is that there was an unrepaired leak. If the property owners or managers or owners were aware of the leak, that satisfies the first point. If the property owner was aware of the leak and did not place any wet floor signs at the site of the leak, that satisfies the second point. And if you suffered a herniated disc due to your fall, that fulfills the third point.

However, there are instances when simply satisfying the above three points may not apply if you suffered injuries on someone else’s property. People visit public and private properties for a variety of reasons. And the reason a person is on the property often plays a significant role in determining whether a victim can collect compensation in premises liability claims.

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Types of Visitors on Public and Private Properties

There are different reasons and contexts in which visitors are on public and private properties. Florida’s premises liability laws account for that, and these circumstances and contexts often have significant impacts on your injury claim. There are three different types of visitors on a property an invitee, licensee, and trespasser.


Invitees to properties are by owner invite. Invitees are on the premises to enjoy or contribute to the services available. Business invitees are on the property to purchase the items sold at the business. Public invitees visit places like public parks and libraries and are on the property to use the facilities.


Like invitees, licensees are welcome on both public and private property. But what separates them from invitees is that licensees are there simply using the premises. But they are not on the premises in a way that financially benefits the owner. An example of this would be someone who steps into a gas station to ask for directions or someone window shopping at a mall.


Like the word suggests, trespassers are people who are on the property but without an invite. Usually, trespassers are on a property after hours or doing something they should not be doing. Unlike invitees and licensees, property owners have no obligation to trespassers excluding very specific cases.

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Compensation in a Premises Liability Case

If you suffered an injury on public or private property, you might be considering what your options are. You are likely dealing with mounting medical bills and possibly missing work as well. You are likely wondering, what is my case worth? But the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine may be able to help. Our team dedicates itself to try and collect the following damages on your behalf:

Medical Expenses a Lawyer Can Seek

The medical expenses we can seek on your behalf include ambulance trips, hospital stays, physical therapy, and medication.

Wage Reimbursement Your Attorney Can Pursue

Injuries often require you to miss significant time at work. If your accident causes you to miss work, we will pursue all your lost wages. And if your injury is serious enough to require a career change, we will also seek compensation for lost long-term income.

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