Orlando Premises Liability Lawyer If you were hurt on someone else’s property in Orlando, you can pursue compensation for your expenses.

You may be eligible to pursue compensation by holding a property owner if you suffered injuries, and the injuries occurred because of an unsafe or defective condition on someone’s property. An Orlando premises liability lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you understand if you are eligible to take legal action and who is liable for your injuries.

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We Can Take Legal Action in Your Orlando Premises Liability Case

At the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, our attorneys can help you pursue a payout in your Florida premises liability case. We know how to build a strong argument and provide the responsive legal care needed to recover losses and expenses on your behalf. We will also go the extra mile to reduce the stress you face and ensure you can focus on healing while we take care of everything else.

We know how Florida’s premises liability laws work and can help injured parties—visitors, customers, and invited guests—hold the property owner or operator liable. Generally, premises liability protections do not apply if the injured party was an adult who was trespassing, although there are exceptions.

An Orlando premises liability lawyer can help you no matter how your injuries occurred, including:

  • Slip and fall
  • Trip and fall
  • Fall on stairs
  • Fall from a height
  • Drowning
  • Burn or electrocution
  • Inadequate security concerns

Some of the most common locations where these types of injuries occur include restaurants, grocery stores, theaters, shops, hotels, other commercial buildings, government property, apartment buildings, amusement parks, and private homes.

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Recoverable Damages in a Florida Premises Liability Lawsuit

We can pursue compensation for you based on the documented losses and expenses we uncover. This may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Future care costs
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering damages

There is a statute of limitations imposed by FL § 95.11 that could put limits on how long we have to try to recover compensation on your behalf. We need time to investigate your accident and injuries before we file an insurance claim or take your case to trial. For this reason, it is important that we get started with sufficient time left before this deadline arrives.

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Get Help from an Orlando Premises Liability Attorney

If you sustained injuries on someone else’s property in Orlando, reach out to the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine for a free case review. If the property owner or occupier was negligent and this caused or contributed to your injuries, we can pursue compensation for you through an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit.

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