How to Dispute a Denied Roof Insurance Claim To dispute a denied roof insurance claim, review your policy, reach out to your insurer, and file an official appeal.

Nothing hurts like a denied roof insurance claim. To dispute this decision, review your policy, talk to your insurer, and file an official appeal. Here are some other steps to take. 

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Review Your Insurance Policy

Either with time or lack of understanding, it may be time to review your coverage details. To get a better idea of your current coverage:

  • Review the type of damage included in your coverage.
  • Review the types of events covered by your policy.
  • Review your property included in your coverage
  • Review any exclusions.
  • Review the claim submission process.

Having a clearer picture of your current insurance coverage policy may provide you with an answer to why your roof claim was denied.  

Seek Clarification on the Denied Roof Insurance Claim

After the policy review, request your insurance representative or agent to clarify their denial. It may be advisable to speak to the claims manager directly.

  • Ask the agent to explain how the insurer calculated the dollar amount of damage and why they denied the claim.
  • Ask them to define unfamiliar terms until you clearly understand the reasoning behind the insurer’s decision.

If the agent fails to address your concerns, consider requesting an appeal. An appeal requires a new set of eyes to look at your claim. The insurance company will dispatch a different adjuster to evaluate the damage and potential settlement. This action is particularly advisable when the insurance company has partially denied a claim (arguing the damages are less than your deductible).

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Directly Appeal the Decision

If dissatisfied, you can appeal your insurer’s decision. Timeframes differ between insurance companies, policy coverage, and states; you will need to determine how long you have to appeal before your case is closed. Before entering the appeals process, ask your insurance agent to explain the process.

If you did not the first time, submit the following items:

  • Details of the incident that caused the roof damage, including the date and time
  • Details of the action you took (in advance) to prevent the damage
  • Credible witness statements on the incident
  • Photos or videos of the incident and/or damage
  • An appeal form and supporting documents to strengthen the case for review

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Consult a Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster is a practical way to fight your denied roof insurance claim. Getting hold of such a professional can prove a huge boost in your case for appeal.

For example, they can work to prove your claim from a different angle, possibly submitting new evidence in your claims case.

Contact a Roofing Contractor

You can engage a roofing contractor’s services to fight your denied roof insurance claim. Not only will they provide a dollar amount to replace your roof, but they can document the extent of the roof damage from their professional perspective.

The contractor may recommend a complete roof replacement due to structural issues, etc.; such robust evidence can significantly boost your roof insurance claim.

Reach Out to the State Insurance Department

If you believe that your insurance company mishandled your claim and you have sought an appeal with no resolution, you can file a formal complaint with your state insurance department.

If your roof damage was caused by a natural disaster and classified as part of a state of emergency, there may be additional funding or processes you can seek. 

Consider Working With an Attorney

Consider engaging the services of a knowledgeable insurance claims attorney. Such a lawyer can assist in negotiations with your insurance company or provide support during an appeal process for your roof insurance claim.

An attorney with our firm can review your current insurance policy and help gather supporting evidence for your claim. We can assess any settlement offers to see if they would fairly cover your losses. Our job is to keep your best interest at the forefront while putting your mind at ease.

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