Naples Pipe Leak Claims Lawyer A Naples, FL pipe leak claims lawyer can help if your property has been damaged in Florida from a broken or leaking water pipe.

Pipes that leak water or sewage can cause major damage to your property. You would expect your insurance company would pay if you suffer from covered losses, not that your insurance company underpays or refuses to pay. If this has happened to you, a pipe leak claims lawyer can help you pursue the fair compensation you deserve, even if this requires appealing a wrongful denial.

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A Pipe Leak Lawyer Can Help Determine Your Covered Losses

Some homeowners or supplemental insurance policies provide coverage for the replacement of your damaged pipes and resulting necessary repairs due to a water leak. Certain policies may also cover the cost of additional living expenses that arise due to the disrupting leak. It is important to know that flooding is often not covered under traditional homeowners insurance policies.

Despite this, insurance companies are concerned with profit and will sometimes try to offer the lowest settlement possible or deny pipe leak damage claims entirely, based on carefully worded exclusions.

If you wish to consult with an attorney before speaking to the insurance company, the Naples legal team at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help. We will help you fully understand the nature of your claim, determine the extent of your covered losses, and examine your options for moving forward. Call us today at 1-800-747-3733 for your case evaluation.

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Florida Homeowner Rights

Insured property owners who file claims are protected by Florida Statutes §. 627.7142, which lays out the requirements that insurance companies must fulfill when processing your claim.

Your insurance company is required under this law to:

  • Notify you that it has received your claim within 14 days of the date you submitted it.
  • Notify you within 30 days regarding the status of your claim, including whether your claim is being fully or partially covered, requires further investigation, or is being denied outright.
  • Finish your claim and send payment for either the entire claim or an undisputed portion of your claim within 90 days, or send a written report stating the reason for denial.

If the insurance company failed to follow these requirements, our legal team may be eligible to file a bad faith lawsuit and recover additional compensation.

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