Did you suffer injuries on someone’s property in Miami Gardens because they failed to take the proper, necessary care to keep you safe? You may be able to recover compensation for your damages. A premises liability lawyer in Miami Gardens, FL can help.

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What is Premises Liability?

Premises liability laws state that a property owner is liable for any personal injury accidents which occur on their property.

In these cases, anyone who has sustained an injury on someone else’s property may be able to receive compensation from the property owner. However, you must first prove:

  • The property owner had a duty to keep their premises safe;
  • The property owner was negligent in that regard; and
  • Their negligence caused you to suffer injuries and damages.

If you cannot prove negligence, you will not be able to recover compensation. Do you think a property owner might be liable for your injuries? Can you prove they were negligent and caused your injuries?

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Whether the Property Owner Owed You a Duty of Care

Before you can claim compensation for your injuries, we must establish your status on the property. See the statuses below.


An invitee is someone that the property owner expressly invited onto the property or someone who is there for the financial gain of the landowner. Examples of locations that may have invitees include a mall, grocery store or park. Property owners have a duty to invitees to keep the grounds safe and reasonably free of hazards. This same duty of care extends to workers on the property.


A guest at a dinner party or someone who went into a store to use the restroom is an example of a licensee. Licensees have permission to be on the land, but it is not for the benefit of the owner. The property owner has the duty of care to either address known hazards or warn licensees of the dangers.


Trespassers do not have an express or implicit invitation to be on the property owner’s land. The land is not open to the general public. Trespassers are on the land illegally. Property owners do not owe trespassers a duty of care. However, property owners may owe a duty of care to trespassing children. 

Did the property owner owe you a duty of care? Was the property owner or a worker onsite negligent? If so, you may have a valid case.

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Florida Premises Liability Statute of Limitations

If you or a loved one sustained injury because of a property owner’s negligence, you have a limited time to file a lawsuit to receive applicable damages.

Chapter 95 of the Florida Statutes relays that injured parties must file a lawsuit for within four years of the injury.

When did your personal injury take place?

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After the Premises Liability Incident

Take the following steps after you sustain injuries on someone’s property.

Request a Report

If your accident was on public property, or you were an invitee, request the accident report from the property owner or management.

Seek Medical Attention

Follow up with your doctor, even if someone treated you at the time of the accident. Your primary care physician may find previously overlooked injuries associated with the accident. Also be sure to follow their orders as it will help you recover more quickly and help build your case to recover compensation.

Seek Legal Counsel

Call the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine to discuss the details of your premises liability case. Our team may be able to guide you through the process.

How the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine Can Help

Our legal team may be able to assist you in your premises liability case in a number of ways.

Gather Evidence

Premises liability cases require you to provide evidence sufficient to prove your claim. Our team may help by gathering evidence in the form of written reports, witness testimony, security cameras, and photos of the accident scene.

Seek Liable Parties

Because you must prove the defendant had a duty of care, our firm may help to identify possible liable parties, such as the property owner, the property management, or staff.

Schedule Appointments

If you need assistance scheduling appointments, medical or otherwise, as they pertain to this case, our team is ready to help. If you cannot make it to meetings with your legal counsel due to transportation or injury issues, our team may be able to come to you.

Calculate the Value of Your Damages

Have you had to pay for medical bills and prescriptions out of your own pocket? Have you missed out on work, or has your quality of life decreased since your accident? Has your ability to earn money been compromised? Depending on how your premises liability case has affected you, our team can estimate the damages for which you may be entitled.

Types of Premises Liability Cases We Handle

Several types of premises liability cases exist, many of which you may not have considered. The Anidjar & Levine team handles the following types of premises liability cases:

Slip and Fall

The most common of all premises liability cases, a slip and fall case entails a visitor slipping, falling, and sustaining injury on someone’s property. Could the workers have cleaned up a wet spot? Could management have warned of the hazardous conditions nearby? If so, we may be able to hold the owner liable for your injuries.

Swimming Pool

Many swimming pool accidents involve a child who wandered into someone’s backyard and either drowned or suffered injuries in another way in the property owner’s pool. It is the property owner’s responsibility to take precautions, such as having a closed fence or pool fence in place. If they failed to do so, we can hold the property owner liable.

We can also hold public swimming pool owners liable for failure to maintain their property.

Elevator and Escalator Accidents

Sometimes, escalators and elevators malfunction. Did the property owner or management team know about the malfunction? Did they have visible warning signs or follow the proper, regular maintenance schedule?

Dog Bites

If a dog bit you, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries.

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