Miami Umpire Appraisal Lawyer An umpire may be necessary if you are disputing the value of a claim with your insurance company, and a lawyer can help you through the umpire appraisal process.

The appraisal process may be required when you and your insurance company cannot agree on the value of a claim. When this happens, a third-party appraiser, known as an umpire, may step in and make the final decision as to the value of the claim.

If you are still unhappy with the value of your claim after the umpire appraisal process is complete, or you want the advice of an attorney before the process begins, call a Miami umpire appraisal lawyer today.

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Many People Decide to Pay for Insurance to Protect Their Home

Homeowners insurance and renters insurance may protect you from:

  • Water damage
  • Wind damage
  • Other damage inflicted by storms such as hurricanes (which generally cost Floridians more than residents of any other state, according to the Insurance Information Institute’s Fact file: Florida hurricane insurance)
  • Damage caused by power surges
  • Damage sustained in a car accident
  • Stolen property
  • Damage caused by electrical failure and fire

Any of these hazards is a realistic threat to Floridians’ safety and property, and you may be paying premiums to ensure that you are covered in the event that such losses occur. However, when the ball drops and you need your premiums to translate to coverage for a claim, your insurer may not be there to provide the financial protection you need and deserve.

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When Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

The doctrine of utmost good faith holds parties accountable to a mutually-agreed-upon contract. Involved parties should act honestly, without misleading, deceiving, or short-changing the other party. When an insurance company does not pay the full amount of your claim, it is possible that they are acting in bad faith.

Some ways that an insurer can act in bad faith include:

  • Insisting that you pay less than you deserve, which may ultimately lead to the umpire appraisal process (with which a lawyer can help)
  • Denying your claim outright without a valid reason
  • Taking an unreasonable amount of time to execute your claim
  • Conducting an investigation of the claim that is deficient in some way
  • Using deceptive language in an insurance policy or related contract
  • Intentionally misleading you as to the nature of your claim

If you find yourself fighting your insurance company for the compensation that you deserve, you may be dealing with a bad-faith insurer. A Miami umpire appraisal lawyer can help you identify whether bad faith is indeed at play, and how you may go about pursuing the compensation that you deserve.

A Lawyer Will Guide You Through the Umpire Appraisal Process

A lawyer can help you right away, regardless of where you are in the claims process. Whether you have completed the umpire appraisal process, have yet to do so, or are at any other point, a lawyer may be able to pursue legal means for greater compensation. If you were dealt with in bad faith, you could be entitled to punitive damages from your insurer in addition to your covered losses.

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