How Much Will It Cost to Hire an Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer? It may not cost you any money upfront to hire an Orlando truck accident lawyer.

If your lawyer works on a contingency-fee basis, then it may cost you nothing upfront to hire an Orlando truck accident lawyer.

In such an agreement, the American Bar Association (ABA) notes that your lawyer:

  • Does not require anything upfront to get started on your case
  • Takes a percentage out of your insurance settlement or court award
  • Only gets paid their attorney’s fees if they win your case

A contingency-fee arrangement could work in your favor, especially if you do not have the financial resources to get a lawyer’s help.

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Contingency-Fee Agreements Work to Benefit Claimants

If you have suffered financial losses after being injured in an Orlando-area truck accident, you may not have the funds to get a lawyer’s help. However, when you work with a lawyer who operates on a contingency-fee basis, this does not need to be a stressor in your situation.

Contingency-fee agreements help claimants by:

  • Making legal representation accessible to those with limited resources
  • Allowing lawyers to accept cases based on merit over profit
  • Offering transparency to clients regarding cost throughout the legal process

The percentage you and your lawyer agree on will rest on the details of your situation.

The Florida Bar states that the percentage:

  • May be adjusted if your settlement exceeds a certain dollar-value threshold
  • May depend on the resources that a lawyer plans to expend on your case

At the beginning of your working relationship, you and your lawyer will sit down and discuss methods of payment in your case. This will allow you to fully understand the financial implications of legal representation as you move through the financial recovery process.

A Lawyer Can Pursue Compensation for Your Losses

Your truck accident lawyer’s ultimate goal is to help you recover compensation for your collision-related expenses.

Some recoverable damages in your case could include:

  • Lost income. If your injury caused you to miss time from work, your lost wages, benefits, bonuses, and tips could be compensable damages.
  • Reduced earning capacity. If your injuries prevented you from returning to your preferred field of employment, a lawyer can determine how much you are capable of making now and factor that information into your case.
  • Medical bills. The cost of emergency transportation, surgical procedures, and assistive devices can be considered recoverable damages.
  • Pain and suffering. The physical pain and emotional suffering of the collision can be calculated based on the severity of your economic damages.
  • Disability. This does not refer to the Social Security Administration’s program, but instead, the quality of life that comes along with living with a disability.

If your lawyer is able to prove that one or more parties in your case caused your losses, then you may be able to collect these damages.

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