Cape Coral Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer If you or a loved one were injured in a swimming pool accident in Cape Coral, Florida, you may be entitled to recover compensation.

Pools can be hazardous without the correct safety precautions. If you are injured or sadly lose a loved one to a swimming pool accident on someone else’s property in Cape Coral, Florida, you might be entitled to recover compensation for the incident.

A Cape Coral swimming pool accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can give you guidance on how best to proceed. We can also help build your case and pursue compensation on your behalf.

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Causes and Types of Swimming Pool Injuries

While most people consider drowning or dry drowning—described by the Mayo Clinic as “delayed illness that is caused by aspiration of water into the lungs”—as the most common pool-related incidents, you can injure yourself in or around a pool in other ways. Types of swimming pool injuries include:

  • Injury from diving into an unexpected shallow area
  • Getting stuck in a pool drain
  • Cuts from sharp edges or surfaces
  • Irritation from improper amounts of pool chemicals
  • Slip and fall injury due to lack of signage

Many pools do not have enough safety precautions around them to prevent drowning or other types of injuries. For example, a pool may not have a fence around it, or a homeowner may not have a safety barrier to prevent small children from getting to the water without supervision. Public pools can also have safety hazards such as poorly maintained diving boards, loose tiles, or broken ladders.

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How an Attorney from Our Firm Can Help with Your Pool Injury Case

A Cape Coral swimming pool accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can step in and manage multiple aspects of your case, including.

Gathering Evidence

If you were injured in a slip and fall accident due to a loose tile, you could become disoriented and unsure of what happened. Your lawyer will examine this issue for you and document the hazard. They’ll also collect any relevant evidence, which may include:

  • Photos of the scene
  • Witness testimony
  • Medical records
  • Security camera footage

This evidence can help prove that the property owner was liable under premises liability and failed in their duty to provide you with a safe pool area. Your lawyer will also provide evidence that you acted reasonably and did not behave recklessly or broke into someone’s pool without their permission.

Gathering everything needed to file a claim can be overwhelming, especially if you are uncertain about what all is required. Courts often reject claims without the proper documentation. A lawyer from our firm will ensure that doesn’t happen by thoroughly preparing your case before filing.

Handling Communications

In many instances, you will also be dealing with the stress of recovery or mourning the loss of a loved one if they drowned in a pool. Fighting with an insurance company is not something you may want to add to your list of things to do.

A lawyer from our firm can help reduce your stress and take that fight on for you. We will negotiate with the insurance adjuster and the property owner so you can handle the critical issues after a pool injury.

Filing Your Case On Time

Florida has a four-year time limit per Florida Statute 95.11(3)(a) for personal injury cases. A Cape Coral swimming pool accident lawyer from our firm can help you file your claim before the deadline lapses.

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Ways You May Be Able to Get Compensation

The aftermath of a swimming pool accident inevitably has many consequences. While some cannot be fixed, the financial repercussions should not fall on you if the property owner was at fault. There are several types of compensation that you may be able to claim after a swimming pool accident, and these can include things like:

  • Wrongful death: If you tragically lose a loved one because of drowning or another pool incident, you might be able to claim funeral costs, burial expenses, and more. While no award begins to replace your loved one, it can at least help with those unexpected costs.
  • Lost earnings: You might miss time at work recovering or helping a loved one recover after a pool injury. You can claim that lost income and get compensated for it.
  • Medical bills: Even one doctor’s visit can leave you with hundreds of dollars to pay. Hospital stays, surgeries, and other medical treatments can put that figure into the hundreds of thousands. It isn’t fair to you to be stuck with those insurmountable bills.
  • Pain and suffering: Accidents can also cause mental and emotional anguish, and you should receive compensation for that as well.

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