Country Club Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer The Country Club, FLswimming pool accident lawyers at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levinecan help you get compensation for your injuries.

Although swimming pools can be fun and refreshing, they can also be dangerous places. If you have suffered an injury or a loved one has died because of a swimming pool accident inCountry Club,FL, the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help.

Swimming pools can cause head and spinal injuries, infections, drain injuries, near drownings, and drownings, as well as other injuries. A swimming pool accident lawyer in Country Club, FL on our team can investigate your accident, gather the evidence, and evaluate the situation to determine who is liable for your losses.

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PartiesYou Can Sue for Swimming Pool Injuries

For someone to be liable for your injuries, that person or party must have been careless in some way that led to the accident that caused your harm. That party must have also owed you a duty of care.The following parties can be responsible for your damages if their negligence caused your injury:

  • The swimming pool owner
  • The swimming pool manufacturer
  • The company that installed the pool
  • The party responsible for maintaining clean, safe water that is free of contaminants
  • The person who directly caused the injury, such as another pool visitor who pushed you or who swam in the pool while having a contagious illness

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Damages for a Swimming Pool Accident inCountry Club, Florida

The damages you will receive will depend on the facts of your case, including the severity and long-term consequences of your injuries. In general, victims of swimming pool accidents can pursue damages like these:

Medical bills for the reasonable treatment that you needed because of your injuries. These losses can include the ambulance, emergency room, diagnostic testing, hospital, surgery, physicians, prescription medications, and physical therapy.

Rehabilitation centercosts, if you needed extended treatment, such as for a brain or spinal cord injury.

Disability, if your injuries render you unable to maintain employment to support yourself.

Long-term care, if you need daily assistance with medical treatments or personal care because of your injuries.

Lost wages, which can include the wages, salary, self-employment, and other income you lost because of the accident and recuperation time.

Diminished earning potential, if you cannot make as much money after the accident because of your injuries.

Painandsuffering, for the physical discomfort and emotional distress you experienced from the accident and injuries.

Other intangible losses, like disfigurement, emotional harm such as depression or anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), loss of enjoyment of life, and your spouse’s claim for loss of consortium.

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How a Swimming Pool AccidentLawyer Can Help with Your Country Club, FLSwimming Pool Accident Case

You do not have to handle your swimming pool injury claim on your own. Also, you do not have to educate yourself on the legal terminology and what the concepts like liability and negligence mean. A personal injury lawyer in Country Clubat the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levinecan handle your legal matters and answer your questions about your case.

Ourswimming pool accident lawyers in Country Club, FL can investigate the accident and evaluate the evidence. We will gather the documents and experts needed to prove your claim. We will explore the possible defendants and determine who is responsible for your losses.

You do not have to pay us any upfront legal fees. Our legal fees will come out of the settlement or judgment. If you have suffered an injury at a swimming pool, the last thing you need is another expense right now. We handle swimming pool accident cases on a contingent fee basis, which means that we wait until the end to get paid.

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Types of Pool Accidents


Both drowning and near-drowning accidents can happen practically within the blink of an eye. Sometimes inadequate supervision is the reason for these tragic accidents. Even if a person knows how to swim, there could be a medical emergency or some other reason why the person would not be able to keep his head above water.

Those who survive a near-drowning swimming pool accident can face a lifetime of disability from the severe brain damage caused by the lack of oxygen. Memory issues, learning disabilities, and even a permanent vegetative state can result from a near-drowning accident.

Pool Drain Injuries

An injury involving a pool drain can be catastrophic or even fatal. The suction of the drain at the bottom of the pool can trap and drown a person. Newer pools do not pose as much of a risk, as engineers have designed features that lower the amount of suction in pool drains. Nonetheless, a person’s clothing, hair, or a body part can get trapped in the suction of the drain.

Head and Spinal Cord Injuries

A person can suffer a head injury or spinal cord damage by hitting their head or injuring their neck when diving into a pool. If you fall off of something when you are in the pool or you fall while outside of the pool, depending on the way that you land, you could also suffer a head or spinal injury.

Many spinal injuries lead to drownings or new drownings, as the person is not capable of swimming because of the injury. Either mental confusion or paralysis from the injury can lead to the drowning.

Contaminated Water

Contaminated water can lead to a severe waterborne illness, such as an intestinal infection or parasites. People can contract norovirus, Legionnaires’ disease, and E. coli infections, among others, in swimming pool water that is not sufficiently clean.

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