St. Petersburg Swimming Pool Accident Lawyer If you’ve been in a swimming pool accident in St. Petersburg, let our team fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

A preventable swimming pool accident in St. Petersburg may entitle you to compensation. Serious injuries and the loss of a loved one are two reasons why you may bring a lawsuit or insurance claim. You may receive financial relief for the losses you have suffered.

A lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine will work to pursue a fair settlement. We can help prove liability and take all necessary steps to resolve your case. We go the extra mile for each of our clients.

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What Awards We Will Seek for You

We provide a unique legal approach for each client. Each victim of a swimming pool accident has different needs and losses. We will evaluate your case to determine what awards you may be entitled to.

The following are categories of losses that you or a loved one may deserve compensation for.

Loss of Quality of Life

Your swimming pool accident may have altered your life in undesirable ways. You may:

  • Have serious physical injuries
  • Have lost control of certain bodily functions
  • Have lost control of cognitive function
  • Experience depression and other mental health issues
  • Have lost the ability to live your life in the way that you did before your injury

We pursue compensation for these types of damages. We generally do so under the umbrella term of pain and suffering.

Medical Costs

A swimming pool accident can cause serious injuries like paralysis. According to the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, spinal cord injuries can cost millions of dollars for the victim and their loved ones. This is just one of the many possible injuries or illnesses you could be suffering from.

Whatever your specific ailment is, you may be charged for:

  • Receiving emergency treatment
  • Being hospitalized
  • Having surgery or other procedures
  • Each medical visit or evaluation that you require
  • Physical and cognitive rehabilitation

You may also need to purchase medical equipment, buy a disability-friendly vehicle, and pay the cost of transportation to medical appointments. 

We can pursue coverage for any medical expense related to your injury.

Loss of Earning Power

An injury or loved one’s passing may have professional consequences. We can pursue financial awards to cover:

  • The permanent loss of a loved one’s earnings because of permanent disability or wrongful death
  • Temporary loss of income
  • Permanent or temporary loss of productivity and opportunity for advancement
  • Temporary or permanent harm to your earning power

We can investigate your pre-injury or pre-illness earnings. We can then compare those earnings to your current ability to work and earn. We can also consider whether your injury or illness will affect your future earnings.

We will assign a lawyer who has experience completing swimming pool accident cases. Our firm understands the statutes and rules for cases in St. Petersburg. We will guide your lawsuit or insurance claim to completion.

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We Will Defend Your Rights and Pursue a Fair Financial Recovery

While every case is different, we do two things for every client: defend their rights and pursue a fair financial recovery. We will do these things for you as well.

Our team will meet with you to explain our plan for your case. After we gather initial information, we will handle the remainder of your case. We generally handle the following duties for our clients:

Establishing Liability

Several legal principles may apply to your case. Negligence is generally one standard that we consider. Parties who may be negligent in your case include:

  • The homeowner
  • The owner of a public pool
  • The owner of a private pool
  • A pool builder
  • The manager of a pool
  • Someone responsible for contaminating a pool
  • Anyone else who contributed to an injury, illness, or wrongful death

One party can be responsible for the actions of another. This is called vicarious liability. We will exercise all appropriate legal standards when seeking compensation for you.

Gathering Evidence and Documenting Your Losses

We will gather as much relevant evidence as we can. Having evidence of wrongdoing, including photographs, videos, and police reports, can help us during negotiations.

We will also document your losses to the greatest possible extent. Such documentation can support our claims about how your swimming pool accident has caused harm. Some forms of documentation we may collect in your case include:

  • Medical bills
  • Photographs and videos of your injuries
  • Physicians’ reports detailing your injuries
  • Income statements
  • Witness accounts of your damages

We also provide evidence-based projections for future losses when necessary.

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Overseeing Every Step of Your Case

Lawsuits and insurance claims require sustained effort and consist of many duties. We can handle this all for you. Our firm can draft and file all paperwork, including the insurance claim or lawsuit itself. We can communicate with all parties involved in your case. Finally, we can negotiate for the compensation that you may deserve.

If your case requires a trial, we can handle that process as well. Per the American Bar Association (ABA), civil lawsuits generally result in a settlement. While this will be our first goal, we are prepared to go to trial if doing so is necessary.

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You Don’t Pay Unless We Win

As a client of the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine, you never pay us from your own pocket. We don’t get paid unless you do, as our fee comes from any settlement or judgment that we win for you.

You do not pay us upfront. You also understand what percentage we collect should we win for you. We provide all of our legal services for this fixed fee.

We pride ourselves on responsive legal care. We answer and return phone calls, respond to emails, and provide case updates to keep you in the loop. We also respect that you may need to focus on your recovery, grieving, or other important matters.

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