Jacksonville Broken Ribs Lawyer Broken ribs can be extremely painful and may cause prolonged health issues.

The experience of breaking one or more ribs may be supremely painful and could leave lasting physical and psychological trauma. Broken ribs are unfortunately one of the consequences that may come from being in a car accident in Jacksonville, and such an injury may cause you to miss time from work, endure pain and suffering, and experience other types of harm. A Jacksonville broken ribs caused by a car accident lawyer will aim to hold those responsible for your broken ribs financially responsible for your losses.

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What to Expect After Breaking Your Ribs

If you have broken ribs, then you may already know that pain is one of the potential consequences of the injury. You or a loved one who has suffered this injury should plan to receive continued medical care, as every patient who has one or more broken ribs deserves a personalized treatment plan.

MedlinePlus provides details about what a person who has suffered broken ribs may expect from the injury.

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The Potential for Secondary Injury

Broken ribs may mean that sharp bone endings are jutting into areas of the body that would normally not be contacted by such broken bones. Punctured or collapsed lungs may be one of the injuries that occur as the direct result of a broken rib but is not the only possible secondary injury.

If you or your loved one experience secondary injuries stemming from your broken ribs, then MedlinePlus explains that you may require a period of hospitalization and monitoring by medical professionals as you recover.

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Six Weeks (or More) of Healing

For broken ribs alone, MedlinePlus explains that you may expect to be resting and healing for a period of six weeks. The recovery time for a patient may be more or less than this, however, depending on factors such as:

  • Whether secondary injuries occurred because of the broken ribs
  • A patient’s overall health
  • How the patient’s body responds to treatment
  • The severity of the bone fracture or fractures
  • The quality of care that they receive
  • Whether complications arise during the healing process

Such a significant healing period could cause a significant change in your day-to-day routine, including an inability for you to work while you are healing.

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Pain and Suffering

Breaking any bone may be an extremely painful experience. The ability for broken ribs to puncture one or more lungs, and to cause discomfort with every breath, may make fractured ribs a particularly painful injury.

With pain may generally come suffering. In the case of broken ribs being caused by a car accident, suffering may also include the psychological scars of being involved in a collision.

Car accident victims who suffer broken ribs could be able to secure compensation for their various losses, from lost income to medical costs. A Jacksonville broken ribs caused by a car accident lawyer can lead the way in fighting for such compensation.

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Why You May Want to Retain Legal Representation

There are numerous reasons why you may hire a lawyer to represent you after a car accident causing broken ribs. A lawyer could also serve any loved one of yours who has suffered broken ribs or other injuries in a Jacksonville car accident.

For starters, you could be suffering in several ways, and the requirements of your medical treatment may make it difficult to tend to legal or insurance matters on your own. The Mayo Clinic explains that “restricting activities” may be a critical aspect of recovery from broken ribs, and hiring a lawyer could be one way to restrict your activity post-accident.

Another potential reason to hire a lawyer is that there may be no cost for doing so. A personal injury lawyer may work for a contingency fee. Such a fee means that, rather than paying a lawyer upfront or as their work progresses, you will not have to pay them anything until their work is done—and only if they win.

Lawyers who are paid via contingency fee do not receive their fee if you do not receive compensation for your losses. If you do win, then their fee will be taken from your winnings, ensuring that you will have no out-of-pocket lawyer expense.

The duties of your lawyer may include:

  • Gathering facts and evidence
  • Documenting the existence and extent of your broken ribs
  • Documenting the medical care that you undergo to treat your rib fracture
  • Hiring engineers or other professionals to recreate your accident
  • Making a written case for why you deserve compensation
  • Filing your lawsuit (or insurance claim, depending on which type of action you and your lawyer agree to bring)
  • Handling all settlement negotiations

Every car accident victim’s case for compensation must follow its own path. No matter your case’s distinct circumstances, your lawyer will work to get you compensation through a settlement. This would allow you to obtain coverage for your losses without having to go to trial.

Damages You May Be Able to Recover

If and when a trial proves necessary, your lawyer will complete one. The losses that have arisen because of your broken ribs may be central to how they approach your case, as you may face:

  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • The cost of treating your broken ribs and any other accident-related injuries

Winning compensation to cover these and any other losses you have suffered will be the motivation of your lawyer.

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