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Many car accidents cause severe and life-threatening injuries. Although seat belts and airbags intend to save lives, they may also cause serious injuries, including broken ribs. Broken ribs and damaged tissue within an accident victim’s chest can cause extreme pain or even under certain circumstances.

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Broken Ribs and Car Accidents

The ribcage protects certain organs and tissue within the body. However, when the ribcage experiences a sharp or violent impact, the ribs can easily break, causing a person serious injury and pain. Broken ribs may cause chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, and a headache. A person may also not be able to inhale without pain or avoid feeling pain when someone places pressure on the chest area.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms, you may have broken ribs. You must seek immediate medical evaluation and care if you have not done so already. Additionally, if you have already sought out medical care and your condition worsens, or you develop new symptoms, you should always return to your health care provider for another evaluation.

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What Happens After a Diagnosis of Broken Ribs

Many of the symptoms listed above will allow a doctor in an emergency room to know that a patient has broken ribs. However, in most cases, a doctor will order certain diagnostic tests, such as X-rays or a CT scan to determine the nature and extent of the harm done to the ribs. Having these diagnostic tests allows a doctor to know what type of treatment will most benefit the victim. Never hesitate to go to the doctor following a car accident, as broken ribs could indicate that there may be some sort of internal organ damage or internal bleeding, which could be life-threatening.

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Medical Treatment

In most cases, a broken rib will ultimately heal. However, the process can prove extremely painful, as healing can take considerable time. Your doctors likely will want to ensure there are no internal organ injuries or internal bleeding. Also, patients may be prescribed pain relievers to ease the person’s discomfort as their ribs heal. In some cases, a doctor may also place a victim on muscle relaxers to help ease the process as it heals. Some patients may need to have compression bandages to keep the broken ribs from moving when they take a deep breath.

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Serious Complications Could Result

A patient’s inability to take deep breaths means their condition could develop into pneumonia. In other cases, a victim may have partially collapsed lung tissue, causing other medical challenges. According to MedlinePlus, victims suffering from broken ribs should take the time to do gentle coughing exercises and slow deep breathing exercises every two hours. Holding a pillow against your chest during these exercises can reduce the amount of pain they can cause.

Lost Wages and Other Damages

Many people cannot return to work for several weeks or months as their ribs heal. As a result, victims remain unable to return to work, resulting in lost wages. However, victims may not only have a loss of wages and salary during their time of healing. These victims may also suffer lost bonuses, promotional or training activities, employee benefits, and pension contributions.

Additionally, in some serious cases, a person cannot ever return to their work, resulting in the loss of expected income over their lifetime. Car accident victims who experience broken ribs suffer not only physically but financially, too.

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Pain and Suffering as a Result of Broken Ribs

Any victim who suffers from broken ribs will attest that the injury is extremely painful. You have the legal right to seek compensation for your pain and suffering resulting from your broken ribs. The calculations regarding pain and suffering can prove legally complicated. Hiring an Orlando broken ribs caused by a car accident lawyer can help you understand the financial awards you may have a legal right to receive from an insurance settlement offer or through a lawsuit.

While no amount of compensation will ever reduce or eliminate the pain you experienced, you have a legal right to recover compensation for the pain and suffering you had from your broken ribs due to someone else’s carelessness on the roadways.

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Under Florida Statutes § 95.11(3)(a), vehicle accident victims have four years to pursue compensation for their injuries and losses following a car accident. Independent investigations and negotiations with insurance companies often take considerable time, so your attorney will need it to build a solid case for you. We will file your case on time before the statute of limitations expires. If you miss this deadline, you likely will lose your chance to pursue financial awards.

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