Orlando Head Injury Lawyer An injury to your head can cause permanent physical and cognitive disability.

Your head is among the most important and fragile parts of your body. To be more specific, the brain within your head may be susceptible to injury during a car accident. Head injuries may be categorized and diagnosed differently but carry the common risk of brain injury that causes permanent damage. You or a loved one who suffered a head injury in an Orlando car accident may bring a lawsuit to recover compensation. An Orlando head injury lawyer can guide you, managing your case from beginning to end.

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A Head Injury May Result from a Motorist’s Dangerous Acts

The head injury that you or a loved one suffered may be a reminder and direct consequence of the actions that led to your accident. Car accidents happen frequently under various circumstances, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) explains that accidents almost always (94% of the time) result from driver error.

The following are some of the driver-related reasons that your accident may have happened.

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A Driver Being Distracted

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) explains that distracted driving is generally illegal and a factor in a significant number of fatal accidents. Drivers generally have control over their attention and may, therefore, be seen as negligent when inattention causes them to drive their vehicle into another vehicle, pedestrian, motorcyclists, or bicyclist.

A driver may be distracted by:

  • Their cellphone, which they may use to text, make phone calls, record videos, take photographs, use for social media, and other purposes
  • Another accident, as looking at an accident that has occurred on or near a road (“rubbernecking”)
  • Conversing with their passengers
  • Eating food or a snack, or drinking a beverage
  • Attempting to pick up a dropped item while driving
  • The vehicle’s entertainment system
  • A pet inside of their vehicle
  • The scenery outside of their vehicle
  • A navigation device

In a legal sense, the source of distraction may not be particularly relevant—only the fact that a driver was distracted. This could mean they were negligent and required to pay you compensation for your losses.

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Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving may refer to several driving acts, each of which may pose a great risk of causing an accident. A driver may be found liable as an aggressive driver if they:

  • Were speeding before or at the time of your collision
  • Were driving closely behind your vehicle, causing a rear-end collision
  • Changed lanes in front of you when they did not have enough room to do so safely
  • Were weaving in and out of lanes in a way that ultimately led to your crash
  • Engaged in any behavior that was outside the norms of cautious driving

Aggressive drivers may have an insidious impact on the stretch of road that they occupy. They may be directly involved in an accident and may make other motorists nervous, which represents a danger of its own.

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A driver can be impaired by drugs or alcohol. One may even be in a diminished driving state if they have not had enough sleep or are in an emotionally compromised state. According to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), impairment can cause:

  • Drivers to have poorer concentration than they normally would
  • Drivers to react more slowly to stimuli
  • Drivers to be less coordinated
  • Skewed depth and time perception

Impairment is inconsistent with safe driving and may be the primary factor in the accident that harmed you or your loved one.

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A Lawyer Will Fight While You Recover

The symptoms of a head injury may remain with you or your loved one for quite some time. The Mayo Clinic explains that a head injury could:

  • Make it more difficult for you to speak and think clearly or consistently
  • Cause you to experience sensitivity to light and noise
  • Be generally diminished from your normal state

Some symptoms of your head injury could be temporary, while others may be permanent. Regardless of the specific circumstances, a lawyer may be able to fight for the compensation you deserve.

A lawyer may:

  • Produce a detailed record of how your accident occurred
  • Gather your account, as well as witness accounts, of the accident that caused you or a loved one to suffer a head injury
  • Collaborate with experts to gather evidence and recreate the scenario of how your accident happened
  • Determine how much your losses have cost you
  • File a lawsuit or insurance claim naming those responsible for your losses
  • Ensure that your lawsuit is completed, which may mean negotiating a settlement or completing a trial

As their client, your lawyer will protect your rights throughout the time it takes to complete your lawsuit or insurance claim.

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