Orlando Head-On Collisions Lawyer A head-on collision in Orlando can lead to substantial property damage, as well as long-term injuries.

When two vehicles crash into each other head-on, the results can be devastating. Serious or permanent injuries can significantly impact your finances, and it is worth exploring legal avenues if another motorist was to blame for your accident.

It is important to know early on whether you have the legal right to make a recovery for damages you suffered. An Orlando head-on collisions lawyer at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can answer your questions on the matter. We will help you understand your rights and take legal action if possible.

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Taking Legal Action After a Car Accident

After receiving the necessary medical care following your crash, your thoughts likely turned towards future expenses you will soon be facing. Medical care can be especially high in accidents involving head-to-head collisions, and your Orlando personal injury protection coverage might not be able to cover your total medical bills fully.

An Orlando head-on collisions lawyer from our firm can offer valuable legal advice and representation. You may have the option to sue the other driver for damages, and your attorney can thoroughly review your case and make appropriate recommendations. In most cases, you may be qualified to file a car accident suit in Orlando if the following applies:

  • You were not at fault for your crash
  • Your insurance policy cannot cover all your losses
  • A car manufacturer or another entity contributed to your accident

A lawyer from our firm can ascertain whether your situation qualifies for a lawsuit, as well as assist in building your case.

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How We Can Help

If you are unsure about connecting with a personal injury attorney, keep in mind that doing so allows you to move forward with confidence. There is also a sense of comfort in having legal representation on your side since you can depend on a qualified professional to obtain the maximum amount of compensation to which you are entitled.

We Handle Every Aspect of Your Case

Our Orlando head-on collisions lawyer would be able to analyze and investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident carefully. You would not need to locate and interview witnesses yourself, nor would you have to gather critical evidence that proves the fault was not your own. Though these may seem like steps you can take yourself, remember that your priority is to heal from your injury.

Moreover, an attorney at our firm will know the right evidence to collect and where to find it. This is vital to your case, particularly when fault is not clear. When it is time to file your claim, our lawyer can make it easier to understand the legal process and laws involved.

If you are not sure whom to sue, your lawyer will be the one to identify all liable parties. Even when it comes to settling your insurance claim, your legal representative can facilitate the process and help you get a fair settlement.

We Fight for the Financial Award You Need and Deserve

Unfortunately, recovering compensation entails proving the full extent of your losses. Your insurance adjuster might not readily compensate you for all losses you suffered, but an Orlando head-on collisions lawyer will work with you to prove damages. If you receive a settlement offer that does not cover your losses, your lawyer will negotiate for a more suitable amount. If you cannot reach a settlement, your attorney can bring your case to court and advocate for you.

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Establishing Your Claim

An essential aspect of seeking compensatory damages is proving the negligence of the party responsible for your accident. A proper investigation can establish fault and liability so you would not have to pay for someone else’s wrongful actions. When you work with us, providing as much information as possible can considerably strengthen your case. The success of your claim mainly depends on the evidence you collect and present.

To establish negligence in your head-on crash, you need to show that the other driver acted in a way that no reasonable motorist would have acted. A violation of traffic rules is an example of careless behavior that can create a presumption of negligence.

A personal injury lawyer will use a host of available resources and evidence to prove that the negligent behavior resulted in your injury and losses. Only then can you justify the compensation you seek and recover damages.

Damages You May Be Able to Collect

A major accident can have life-altering consequences, and an attorney will fight for economic and non-economic damages that will help you regain your health. Medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, loss of future income, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and disfigurement are only a few examples of damages you may be able to collect.

The value of your case will depend on various factors, and an Orlando head-on collisions lawyer will aid in calculating the total amount of losses.

Comparative Negligence Can Affect Your Claim

Under the law of comparative fault in Florida, the judge or jury may hold you partly accountable for your head-on collision. When this happens, you can only receive a portion of your compensation. So, if, for instance, the court finds you 20 percent liable, you can bring home only 80 percent of your damage awards.

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It is important to note that Florida’s statute of limitations gives you only four years from your car accident to file a claim against a negligent party, according to Florida Statute §95.11. That is why you should not wait before reaching out to an Orlando head-on collisions lawyer from the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine.

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