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Pipe Leaks and Pipe Bursts

The costs associated with a pipe leak or burst pipe can be extensive. Along with getting rid of the water, a homeowner will also have to dry out or replace flooring or walls and any ruined property. Finally, the pipes and plumbing oftentimes have to be completely repaired or replaced as well due to corrosion or rust. The costs of these losses can be staggering.

Additionally, if a pipe leaked while you were away from your home, the losses will be even greater. A slow leak from a pipe can easily total several gallons per hour. During the course of a week-long vacation, the devastation can be catastrophic. In addition to the immediate water damage is the possibility of the development of mold or mildew in the property itself or on belongings.

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Homeowners Insurance Claim for Water Leak

You should report any losses from water leaks immediately to your insurance company. Oftentimes, an insurance company will try to offer settlement amount for far less than you deserve. Insurance companies will not consider the hidden pipe damage or additional effects of water leaks in their compensation package.

Insurance companies will also try to avoid payment by stating that the homeowner was negligent and waited too long to file a claim. Many insurance companies require a homeowner to notify them within 72 hours of discovering a plumbing leak. However, many insurance companies also reject claims because a homeowner “should have known” of the water leak based on visible signs such as water damage on the property or foul smells.

In many cases, there is a large disparity between the amount that an insurance company offers in a settlement, and the amount it would take a homeowner to repair the losses to their property. When an insurance company offers you a settlement, you should consider asking the following questions: Did the insurance company conduct appropriate testing regarding any plumbing that needs to be replaced? Did the insurance company conduct testing to determine if there was any hidden water damage inside the walls? Did the insurance company have any delay in allowing the treatment of the property that caused additional losses? Does the insurance policy cover long-term hidden leaks from pipes? Does the insurance company cover mold or mildew?

It is important to understand your rights under your homeowners insurance policy. Visiting with a pipe leak claims lawyer in Hialeah at the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine can help you receive the compensation you are owed.

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