Can You File a Car Accident Claim Without a Police Report? Were you involved in a car accident but did not file a police report? A police report is an important piece of information for your attorney and your insurance carrier, and may support your claim, should you choose to file one.

In Florida, a police report is not always required, which means you can usually file a claim for financial recovery from the at-fault driver without one. As an attorney will tell you though, filing a police report may support your claim by serving as evidence.

Were you involved in a car accident but did not file a police report? If you want to know if you can still file a car accident claim, then you may benefit from speaking to an attorney in your area.

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Florida Law May Require a Police Report in Your Circumstances

While you may be able to file a car accident claim without a police report, and a minor car accident does not legally require one, some situations make written reports of crashes mandatory. If a car involved in the accident was so damaged that it had to be towed from the scene, a police report is mandatory. The law also requires the filing of a police report in ten days or sooner if the accident:

  • Resulted in injuries or death
  • Caused more than $500 in damages
  • Blocked traffic
  • Was due to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

Your attorney can explain any additional circumstances that may also require you to file a police report, as well as the importance of documenting your accident even if the law does not require you to do so.

Filing a Complete Police Report May Support Your Case

You are allowed to file a car accident claim without a police report, but one might be required under certain circumstances. When a police report is required, it must contain specific information which includes:

  • The date and time the accident occurred
  • Details of all involved vehicles
  • Name and contact info of all involved drivers, passengers, and any witnesses
  • Name and badge number of police at the scene
  • Insurance information for both drivers

When you are the victim of a car accident, you should consider completing a police report even if the accident does not legally require one.

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In Florida, you are legally required to file a police report only under specific circumstances. If a car accident appeared to be minor, or if you were removed by medical personnel before you could complete a police report, an attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options.

If you or a family member was involved in a car accident but failed to file a police report, contact a lawyer today. When you are ready to hold the liable party or parties responsible and file a car accident claim with or without a police report, contact Orlando car accident lawyer or the Law Offices of Anidjar & Levine at 1-800-747-3733. You may have a limited time to act under the statute of limitations imposed by Florida law.