Can I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer? If your attorney is not meeting your expectations, you have the right to fire them.

If your car accident lawyer is not meeting your expectations, you have every right to fire them and substitute them with a new attorney. Starting over with a new attorney may seem difficult, but sometimes it can mean the difference between winning your case—and recovering compensation—and getting nothing for your damages.

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When Should I Fire My Attorney?

Before deciding whether to fire your attorney, ask yourself the following questions.

Is My Attorney Giving My Case the Attention It Deserves?

Our attorneys know that every case matters and deserves our full attention. However, some attorneys take on more than they can handle to make more money or become a more powerful force in the legal community. Your attorney may choose to devote their time to bigger cases with high-profile clients and larger potential awards to boost their reputation.

If your attorney acts indifferently towards your case, fails to return your phone calls and emails, misses court deadlines, or acts unprepared during court proceedings, they may not have the time or desire to represent you. In such cases, it may be in your best interest to find an attorney that will focus on getting you the compensation you deserve.

Does My Attorney Have the Knowledge and Experience Required to Handle My Case?

Car accident claims can be challenging for even the most qualified attorneys. In addition to collecting evidence and consulting experts, your attorney is responsible for coming up with persuasive arguments to convince the judge or jury to rule in your favor.

Every case is different and requires your attorney to know a great deal of information about various topics such as state traffic laws, personal injury protection (PIP) requirements, court procedures, evidentiary rules, and accident reconstruction. If your attorney does not have professional experience when it comes to personal injury law, is unable to effectively investigate your claim, or lacks the skills to litigate your case in court, you may be better off with another lawyer.

Is My Attorney Behaving Ethically?

Ethics form the basis of law. That means that an attorney must not engage in any unethical practices, particularly while representing a client. If you no longer trust your attorney or if you believe they are engaging in illegal or unethical practices, you may consider firing them.

How Can I Fire My Car Accident Lawyer?

Once you make the decision to fire your attorney, it is important that you follow these steps to protect yourself as your car accident claim progresses.

Review Your Contract for Legal Services.

When you first agree to representation, you may have signed a contract detailing the relationship between you and your attorney. The contract may include provisions for terminating services. Make sure you follow the procedure mentioned in your contract. If you are unsure how to interpret parts of your contract, a new attorney can help you understand your obligations.

Hire a New Car Accident Attorney.

Before you officially fire your attorney, you may want to hire a new one to make sure that you have representation at all times during the process. Beware that your attorney may have a lien on your case to make sure they receive payment for the time they spent working for you. Your new attorney may charge you more to account for the fact that they may have to pay your prior lawyer a fee.

Write a Letter of Termination.

Write and send a letter to your attorney notifying them that you are terminating your professional relationship. The letter should request that they send all your files to your new attorney. Keep your letter civil and professional to avoid potential conflict.

Notify the Court.

If your case is pending, you will need to notify the court that your attorney will be withdrawing from the case. Your old attorney will likely file a motion to withdraw from the case. If you have a substitute, they will likely file a motion for substitution of counsel.

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How Can I Talk to a New Car Accident Lawyer for Free?

In addition to our years of experience and extensive knowledge of personal injury litigation, our attorneys are fully devoted to making sure our clients recover as much compensation as possible. If you have decided to fire your attorney, allow us to represent you and give you the quality legal representation you deserve. With our support, you may have a great chance at recovering compensation to cover your car accident injuries. Call our staff at 800-747-3733 to set up a free consultation to discuss your claim today.