Hurricane Irma Insurance ClaimsDid you suffer a loss in Hurricane Irma?

If you need help with a claim for any of the following, call us: 

  • Flooding/storm surge
  • Roof damage
  • Water damage
  • Storm loss

We know how the insurance companies work, and can get you the compensation you deserve based on your policy.

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Get Help with Hurricane Irma Claims

Some insurance companies deny claims or leave policyholders waiting for weeks or months before they payout, meaning you might be living in disrepair or staying in hotels indefinitely. We can help you understand your homeowner’s insurance policy, flood insurance policy, or other insurance policies, and fight for the money you deserve.

When you call us, we go to work for you by:

  • Handling all communication with the insurance company
  • Creating an effective strategy to recover the compensation you deserve
  • Fronting all costs you need to get your life back on track
  • Providing representation during settlement negotiations
  • Litigating your case if necessary

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Regardless of what the hurricane took from you, you are not alone. If you need our help understanding the complexities of your policy, or are having trouble getting the payout you deserve, call us. We offer complimentary consultations to all hurricane victims, and can help you recover the money you deserve if you suffered a loss in Hurricane Irma.

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