Florida Denied Lloyd’s Property Claim Lawyer If you have a received a denied Lloyd’s property claim in Florida, an insurance attorney may be able to help.

If you have just received a denied Lloyd’s property claim, you may be wondering where to turn. Having your personal property damaged or destroyed is bad enough—now you are wondering how you are going to pay for it all.

But you do have options, and you do not have to fight alone. An insurance attorney may be able to get you the maximum reimbursement for your original claim and can certainly fight your insurance company on your behalf.

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The Difference Between an Adjuster and an Attorney

After an insurance claim has been denied, some people will choose to hire a public adjuster to assist them, thinking that it is an easier option than hiring an attorney.

Public Adjuster

In Florida, Resident Public Adjusters are licensed by the state to “prepare, complete, or file” an insurance claim on your behalf, in the event you dispute the claim initially estimated by the insurance company’s own adjusters. An adjuster cannot represent you in court and will typically be paid a percentage of your settlement. In other words, he or she will take a portion of whatever you finally receive as compensation.

Insurance Attorney

An insurance attorney is able to provide everything a public adjuster can but with important differences.

To begin with, an insurance attorney is able to give you legal advice, in addition to filing all the required paperwork and collecting evidence. An attorney has a professional understanding of your insurance policy and can help you interpret the legal jargon.

Furthermore, should you need to file a suit against your insurance company, an insurance attorney can represent you in court. You may not even be on the hook for legal fees. According to Florida law, insurers must pay your legal fees if you file suit in court and win.

If you are contesting a denied Lloyd’s property claim, the insurance company will no doubt have an army of in-house lawyers working hard to make sure their decision is not overturned. Hiring your own insurance attorney will give you a chance to fight on a more level playing field.

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What Insurance Attorneys Do for You

First and foremost, an insurance attorney can help reduce the stress and anxiety you are no doubt feeling after having your insurance claim denied. You will no longer have to sit on hold, waiting to speak to someone in the claims department, or spend hours filling out documentation.

An insurance attorney working on your behalf will:

  • Assist you in completing the necessary paperwork.
  • Work with you to collect the required evidence to back up your claim.
  • Go through your existing insurance policy with a fine-tooth comb to analyze your coverage.
  • Negotiate directly with Lloyd’s to reach a settlement.
  • Represent you in court if a settlement cannot be reached and there is no other option but to file suit.

Throughout the process, your attorney will make sure the insurance company is respecting your rights as a homeowner.

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Your Rights in Florida

As a resident of Florida, you are accorded certain rights during the insurance claim process designed to protect you from having to wait an unreasonable length of time to hear from the insurance company or receive your reimbursement.

The Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights requires:

  • Your insurance company to acknowledge your claim with 14 days of receipt.
  • You receive confirmation of your claim status within 30 days, including how much your insurance company will be paying you, whether your claim is being denied partially or completely or requires further investigation. 
  • The insurance company must pay you either the full amount of the claim, whatever portion of your claim is undisputed your claim, or provide you with a written denial within 90 days.

In no case should it take longer than three months to process your claim.

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What You Should Do After Property Loss or Damage

It may be hard to concentrate or keep your wits about you when you are dealing with extensive property damage or loss. But there are certain things you must do to improve your chances of getting full compensation.

The primary evidence the insurance company will want to see is proof of your loss. Smartphone technology makes it easy to document the damage. Take many photos and videos of your damaged home or property. If you have images taken before the damage or loss occurred, include them as well.

Make a detailed list on paper or electronically of every item you have lost or that has been damaged. If you have had any emergency expenses, such as hotel rooms or meals, put them in the file. Even receipts for personal items such as clothing or household linens you were forced to purchase should be retained.

If you must hire someone to complete emergency repairs hire a contractor only until you know for sure what your insurance will cover. When you are getting estimates for repairs, steer clear of any contractors who want to review your insurance policy and coverage before they prepare an estimate.

Why You May Have a Denied Lloyd’s Property Claim

Like all businesses, insurance companies care about their bottom line and will make their best efforts to minimize payments. There are a number of reasons why they will say they are denying your claim:

  • False or exaggerated information on your application
  • Unpaid or late payments
  • Specific cause of loss not covered
  • High deductible

Nonetheless, whatever reason you have been given for a denied Lloyd’s property claim, you still may be entitled to some compensation. An insurance property attorney will fight on your behalf for the payment you deserve.

Contact an Insurance Attorney for Help

If you have recently received a denied Lloyd’s property claim, and feel as though you have hit a wall, do not despair. You do have options, and it is possible to get a claim reversed.

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We have the resources and experience to negotiate directly with Lloyd’s for a larger settlement, and if negotiating is impossible, we can file suit on your behalf, and represent you in court.

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